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Opera and WordPress

So today I begin testing the Opera browser on Vista.  I’ve been reading lately how Opera kicks Firefoxes tail.  I am a diehard Firefox fan, but have been having trouble with the alpha of 3 (yes, I know, they are alphas), so I’ve decided to give K-Meleon and Opera some goes.  K-Meleon is nice, but I don’t like the way their “layers” (read: tabs) run together…I guess they don’t really look like tabs, which irritates me (to each their own).  Anyway, Opera is initially impressive with the new tabs opening up screenshots of favorites, which is pretty cool.  The thing I really like about Firefox is the extensions and things such as Google Sync, simply don’t work in Opera or K-Meleon.  This extension is kinda irritating in general because it’s proprietary and just works on 1.5/2.0.  With the supposed memory improvements, I’ll be excited to use it once there’s better extension support.  I know how to change the max version on the extensions, but sometimes they still don’t work (i.e. Foxmarks).  Google Toolbar doesn’t work except in IE or Firefox 2 either.  Very irritating.  At least Opera and K-Meleon are open source.

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