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Synergy and other things

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. There’s been a lot going on with SFD, me going Linux full time on my laptop, a break up and plenty of sickness in the family. During that time, I also got a new Blackberry at work and a new PC. This new PC is much more Vista friendly, but there are still some problems. Synergy gives an error saying “FATAL: cannot open primary screen: unable to open screen” and leaves up a notification you can’t make go ahead, but proceeds to work. Said message says “A program can’t display a message on your desktop” You caneither click “Show me the message,” which doesn’t work or “Remind me in a few minutes,” which should be obvious how that could be annoying.

Firefox 3b2 still has memory issues…hope that is just Vista related.

Right now my main gripe is with Outlook 2007 and how it deals with tasks. You can read about that at my post at ubuntu forums.

Does anyone want to help get Ruckus working on Linux? What about Evolution on Windows (specifically Vista)?

We also need more people in COSI’s Last.fm group.

One last thing. COSI has a big event coming up.

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