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Live Blog from MKEDH3 (aka MilwaukeeDevHouse3)

So, I’m being slightly anti-social…a slightly impressive feat given this is a tech event with the usual geeks, nerds, whatever you want to us.

Those of you on Twitter have already heard some about the event.  I wish the music was a little more rockin’, but at least now it has more energy.

This week was the week from hell.  This is about me and my thoughts about technology and where the industry is headed and where I see myself in it.  Let me pause for a second to say WOAH.  Nothing particularly bad happened.  A server didn’t come up at work after I rebooted it last night, but I didn’t care all that much about it.  It was fixed by the time I came back to work.  I think the broken arm is really gettingto me.  Not being able to type properly or exercise is driving me nuts…and I’m not really exaggerating.  I’ve got to keep it pulled together until December 6th though.  UK and Bama both have byes this week, which should allow me to get a lot of work done.  Conversation with Jason in the car on the way to DevHouse was interesting.  Well worth the time away from work.  Despite no one responding to my last blog post, I’m leaning toward law, but still very confused about where I might want to go.  Northwestern and Marquette are both on my radar due to my current location and the going “home” for Christmas has me thinking hard about schools in KY too.  And, if I’m serious about going back to school soon, should I really be going to Sweden next summer?  I really want to go, but I also really want to go ahead and schedule it and and being 8 hours away from my potential travel partner doesn’t help.  Anyway, on to a report of MKEDH3:

There was pizza provided by http://www.paladinweb.net/.

ok, looks like the party is dieing.  Not really “done”. Whatever. Release early, release often…

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  1. Yeah, the arm thing sucks… if anyone can relate, it’s me.

    Sorry, I did not have an opinion or any useful advice about law school…

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