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bad documentation // funny chat

Just thought I should share:

(12:50:49 PM) Douglas A. Whitfield: least helpful README.txt ever
(12:50:51 PM) Douglas A. Whitfield: contents
(12:50:55 PM) Douglas A. Whitfield: For complete VMware(R) Server product documentation, please use the product Help menu or refer to http://www.vmware.com/support.
(12:51:10 PM) Shaun: I thought that might happen
(12:51:15 PM) Douglas A. Whitfield: (R) shows up as a rainbow over here
(12:51:20 PM) Douglas A. Whitfield: which makes it slightly better
(12:51:39 PM) Shaun: here too
(12:51:44 PM) Shaun: That’s kind of awesome

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