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Twitter Top 10!

Apparently Twitter lists are all the rage (People to Unfollow and CIOs as examples), so I thought I’d share 10 people that enrich my life via Twitter (in no particular order)

1. @raster

this dude came and picked me up when my car was broke down. All because of Twitter.

2. @smalljones

with an approaching deadline on my master’s paper, we twittered to make sure everything was good to go

3. @Roebot

CEO of @MindTouch and UNC alum. Aaron helped us make Software Freedom Day 2007 happen at UNC

4. @openmadison

Ok, this is cheating a bit since I primarily run the account, but my personal account doesn’t allow me to distribute information to the masses about FOSS stuff, so for me, this is a must.  I feel like I can cheat since I’m actually mentioning more than 10 accounts. 🙂

5. @allgood2

Alnisa also runs @nonprofit_tech and @madtech and all three Tweet valuable Madison information.

6. @uid0

I don’t know this guy, unlike 1-5, but he’s been very helpful and responsive to technical problems.

7. @poseurtech

Abraham is the leader of @Web608 and a member of the Madison Twitter Elite

8. @bucketworks

I’m not sure this account really does the bucketworks mafia justice.  There’s also @jennaddenda,  @KeVroN,  @tronathan, @hypnagogic and of course @raster

9. @ rohdesign

Mike and I definitely live in different worlds. He’s definitely the most design oriented person on the list (though @raster may take offense to that, Pete seems to be involved in just about everything).  Despite clear differences, Mike always finds a way to connect, be it through American football or logo design for @openeverything (you didn’t think you were going to get away with just one shameless plug, did you?)

10. @Sidelines

This was a tough one. @oshuma almost made it and mention should also go to @therealcaro and @raymond (head of @uncch).  However, I picked @Sidelines because in the land of the Badgers, Bucks and Brewers someone’s got to keep me informed about The Wildcats.  Look, I might be a Tar Heel bread and when I die I’ll be a Tar Heel dead but I was born a Wildcat.  GO BIG BLUE!

Plenty of people on Twitter that I like, but don’t Tweet much…@sweetlydrifting and @superherocolbs come to mind.  This list does not reflect there personhood, simply their life on twitter as it relates to me!

2 Responses

  1. Well, it wasn’t just because of Twitter I came to pick you up… your involvement in the tech scene, seeing the things you do for others, made me want to help you out, the same way you help out others… Plus we’re both former members of the “Bad Arm” club…

  2. haha, yes, it was a trite comment of me, but I did ask for help over Twitter!

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