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Open Everything Milwaukee, Linux Mint and Circuit City

If I did a better job with post frequency, I wouldn’t have so many topics to discuss at a time.  I’d also like to post about the Sweden trip, but that can wait.

Open Everything Milwaukee

So, I’ve become the torch bearer for Open Everything Milwaukee.  I need to find someone else to do it.  For Open Everything Madison, Alnisa was the co-chair, co-captain, whatever…we didn’t call ourselves anything.  The problem is, the only people I know in Milwaukee are already very busy.

Linux Mint

I’ve been using Linux Mint on my secondary laptop.  I really like it.  This laptop’s resolution won’t go past 1024×768 though which is a bit problematic for Firefox tabs on the side like I typically like them (I’ll look into fixing this later).  The menu bar in Linux Mint is really the best thing about it.  I installed it on my Ubuntu primary laptop and use it all the time.  Linux Mint’s design is also better than Ubuntu and some of the pre-installed software is better, like compizconfig-settings-manager.  I think they save space by not installing Evolution and using Thunderbird instead. I use webmail, so that’s really quite fine with me.

Circuit City

So, Circuit City is going out of business.  I went this past Sunday and was not impressed with the prices.  They did still have tons of stuff though, so there’s hope.  I’d like to get a new TV, but the prices haven’t come down enough.  I’m thinking about Mother’s Day, my brother’s graduation and his birthday too.  I also looked for a DVD of American Hardcore, but they didn’t have it.

Madison Linux User Group meeting tomorrow.  See you there?

I’ll try to post more about Open Everything Milwaukee, BarCampMadison3 and the Sweden trip this weekend.

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