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Blackbird browser

As far as I can tell, there is only a Windows version for Blackbird, the first browser for African-Americans.

(1:40:04 PM) Douglas A. Whitfield: Blackbird is the world’s first web browser designed specifically for African Americans. Unless you count Mosaic before it was stolen by the white man and turned into Netscape.”
(1:41:07 PM) Shaun: I’m glad to discover that that’s not on the page itself
(1:42:09 PM) Douglas A. Whitfield: I wonder if they have a .deb
(1:42:39 PM) Douglas A. Whitfield: because, if they are only Windows, they are still giving the white man their money
(1:43:24 PM) Shaun: that’s bullcrap, you’re right

There’s also a satirical response which I happen to find pretty funny: http://www.whitebirdbrowser.com/

Blackbird has news for African-Americans. It also has videos. I’m skeptical of the social networks though, as it’s just Facebook and MySpace. Um, white people use those too.  Here’s proof.

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