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Midwest Going Ons, Sweden and Valentine’s Day

Alright, it’s Valentine’s Day, so I figure I should at least make mention of it. I don’t have a “special someone” but I’m optimistic about the woman I just met. However, she’s not in town today. I feel kinda bad about not seeing her on V-Day because I feel like she’s getting cheated. Then again, date two on V-Day might be a little much. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Geek Dinner February 24th

This isn’t that big of a deal since we have one every month. But I thought I’d share. Event information, as every month, can be found on facebook.

OpenCamp: An Open Everything Event

Expect to hear a lot about this on the blog in the coming months. This event will build on the event we had on December 6th. We don’t have a venue yet for OpenCamp, but expect that to happen before the end of the month. Right now, it’s likely it’ll be on the UW-Madison camp. That’s all I’m going to say about this now. There’s a lot out there on the event in listserv archives and the website. I certainly encourage you to sign up for the list or contact me directly if you’re interested in a Open Everything event; either the one in Madison or help putting one on anywhere in the world.



I have a job, for one, but it’s also on a Thursday…so, I’ll be at said job until 7pm. This is a great thing for Todd and Bucketworks to be putting on, especially given the economy. To me, openness is all about sharing and working together. This is a prime example of


Not going to this, but it’s not often I have intelligent things to say about the queer community (or anything at all to say really) so maybe it’ll bring some new readers to my blog! I want to be supportive of educational and participatory events, even if they don’t interest me personally.


I will be attending this. I’m not really sure what else to say about it. For those familiar with *Camps, what this is should require no explanation. For those not familiar with *Camps, I think that’s a post in-and-of itself. If you don’t know what an un-conference is, just ask in the comments section and I’ll explain!


Not really interested in Fandom Camp, but I figured I’d make mention of it here.

What I’m more interested in is the Ubuntu Bug Jam. I think this would be a good opportunity to get people in Chicago interested in Open Everything. However, considering I still don’t know how expensive the Sweden trip is going to be and I potentially have some huge expenses coming up (it’s a secret!…yes, I know that’s not very open of me).

Twin Cities

I plan on going to MinneBar…whenever that is. Last yet it was in May.


There’s still no planned BarCamps in Sweden. I’m not talking just when I’ll be there. No at all. Finland at least has a placeholder (indicating they had one in the past?). Denmark has a couple coming up, but not while I’ll be there.

If someone from Sweden, Finland or Denmark would get in touch with me, I’d be happy to help a small BarCamp or OpenCamp happen there. I’ve started following a couple people from Sweden on identi.ca. Once we get OpenCampMadison and BarCampMadison3 stuff better figured out, I’ll search harder to make some FOSS acquaintances in Scandinavia. It’s less than 4 months and 5 days until we fly out!

Alright, tomorrow I’ll plan to blog about potential sessions at OpenCamp: An Open Everythign Event.

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