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Top 10 for Progressive Tar Heel Geeks

Ok, this is mainly pointed at two people, my brother and…well, we’ll call her an old flame.  Both are reasonably progressive (though neither as radically to the left as myself) both are Tar Heel fans and I’m not sure either would claim to be geeks, but one is a paid programmer and the other has done some programming and gets an occasional Linux user.  I think the days of simply being a geek by virtue of being a Linux user are over, but maybe they aren’t.

One isn’t on Twitter and the other is on, but doesn’t us it.  Anyway, I thought I’d share the suggestions with everyone.

1. @smalljones – If you live in The Triangle (and both do) and you work or play in technology, Paul Jones is a must-follow.  As an added bonus for Tar Heel fans, you’ll get the occasional Tar Heel tweet.

2. @UNC_Chapel_Hill – Unofficial (aka not sanitized) tweets about…well, you probably know that…

3. @UNCCH – Ok, I’m going to be perfectly honest and say I’m not sure this belongs in the top 10, but the guy behind this site is a good guy and the site may well be worth it in the future.  Remember, you saw it here first!

4. @Carolina_News – The tweets thus far have been pretty boring, but if you look at the page you’ll see some other official UNC Twitter feeds that might interest you more.  I’m throwing it out there as a general suggestion, but let’s look at it this way; I’m following 1-3, but not this one.

5. @MyTweetHeart – I am all about some online dating.  It’s a pretty geeky thing to do, no?  Nothing interesting has happened yet but I think Twitter is a better place to get to know people than looking at a facebook profile or something ultra-sanitized.  Yes, some Twitter feeds are sanitized, but the dynamic nature of Twitter tends towards less sterileness that facebook, I think.

6. @AC_DC – This one is for my brother.  It has no particular reference to be progressive, a Tar Heel or a geek.  However, the point is you can follow your favorite bands on Twitter.  You can find some other bands at.  http://lotsofrandomwords.wordpress.com/2009/01/15/a-list-of-bands-musicians-pop-stars-and-rappers-on-twitter/.  Also for music, you can check out my music account @douglasawhmusic.  Oh, and if you’re into emo, there’s @ffaf

7. @4java – I’m not a Java programmer, but I need at least one Java suggestion.  I’m up for suggestions!  Leave them in the comments!

8. @theprogressive – ok, I’m not entirely certain I’d have put this one if I didn’t live in Madison, but hey, I do.  Can’t change the facts.

9. @dailytarheel – there are a ton of news organizations on Twitter.  The big ones (CNN, NY Times, LA Times, etc) as well as the big NC papers.  The DTH actually live tweeted the UNC bomb situation last week.  They get the nod for not just being a RSS headline feed.

10. @obs_sports – I went back and forth on this one.  There’s not good way to cram progressiveness, geeksness and Tar Heelness all into 10 options.  Basically, I needed something that covered The Panthers.  You can find out people tweeting events by looking at hash tags (#) or just searching for key words at http://search.twitter.com.

If you’re an early reader of this post, my apologies for the lack of links.  I’ll go back and put them early. Release early, release often!  Any of these users can be found by putting the username after http://twitter.com/

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