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first post from BSD; thoughts on the world to come

So, I’m typically not a KDE user, but that’s the default on PC-BSD. So far, so good. I’ve checked out KDE before, so it’s not entirely foreign. One thing I immediately don’t like about Konquerer is my cursor does not show up in the WordPress menu. Since I’m president of the Madison Linux User Group, I have no intentions of switching full time, but if I was thinking about it, I don’t think this would be a deal-breaker.  For one thing, this isn’t an issue in the FreeBSD version of Firefox (thank God!).

Flash is working for some things and not others. Presumably this is because it’s using Flash 9 and not Flash 10. AIR says my platform is not supported. LAME! So, Linux compatibility isn’t as useful and easy as it might sound. Kopete looks like a resonable enough chat client. Like Konquerer, I think this is just a KDE thing and really has nothing to do with BSD.  One thing I should note.  Wireless works out of the box.

Alright, time to get serious about this presentation I have on Tuesday about OpenCamp.  GLUE had me thinking seriously about an “ideal world.”  I’ll post on that after Tuesday’s presentation.

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