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Spacewalk for SUSE?

Ok, what I really want is Landscape for SUSE because Spacewalk is on the complicated side (spacewalk doesn’t cost anything, so that’s what we’re doing).  I’m not enamored by Fedora’s 13 month support cycle (Ubuntu’s 18-month sounds better to me).  Also, on at least one of the models we currently have, suspend does not work.  The real problem though is that Fedora does not recommend in-place upgrades like Ubuntu does.  I’m not yet sure what that means as far as kickstart.  PXE booting it’s likely to be an option, so that would mean every user would need some sort of kickstart boot media or we’d have to bring them in for upgrades.  Neither of those sounds pleasant.  Obviously RHEL would be a decent option, but if we aren’t willing to spend money on Landscape we aren’t going to be willing to spend money on RHEL.  You might well then suggest CentOS.  You should read today’s news.  I suppose if they get that worked out, we might do CentOS.

So much I want to write about but no time.  Software Freedom Day coming up as well as Open Everything on October 31st.  I’m also reading a book on DiY Culture, which is interesting because I never really thought of DiY as a political sort of thing.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to write about that at some point.

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