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Creative Commons FTW…oh wait

I like to think I walk the walk, not just talk the talk.  You know, I don’t go downtown unless I must, I bike to work.  I buy organic foods. <rant>I use GNU/Linux and don’t sit behind my Mac talking about how great FOSS is (yeah, I’m calling you out).  I believe in compromise and personal priorities, but recently I’ve gotten more and more frustrated by people not getting out of their comfort zones and making excuses.  Personal priorities are often excuses.  If you don’t believe in FOSS, that’s fine, but don’t claim to like it and then not actually support it.  It’s like saying how you love the earth and then driving 30 miles to work. It’s CRAP (I’ll keep this family friendly, but, um crap isn’t exactly what I want to say).

But hey, I’m not a zealot. I’m really not. I just don’t want people fooling themselves and (potentially unintentially) fooling others. </rant>

That’s not the point though.  Last night we were talking about how “hippie” people were.  Look, I’m more comfortable with the word socialist than 99.9 or so people in this country.  I’m pretty left, but I’m way too angry to be a hippie.  I said, hey, I listen to punk and metal, not hippie music.  The retort was that I listen to “open” punk which is pretty hippie. I like the fact that people are accusing me of listening to Creative Commons music.  I do, actually, that feels like a great compliment…but is it true?  Now, I’ve been a Last.fm user for over 4 years, so there’s a lot of legacy data out there, but let’s take a look.  In the last 7 days, 3 of my top 15 artists were Creative Commons…only one over the past three months though and none in the last six months or the last year (unless you count NIN…sure, let’s count them).  If you look at the all-time stats, Severed Fifth (Jono Bacon’s “band”) rolls in at 347.  Holy Pain and Predator both roll in at 444.  And since we’ve been counting NIN, they roll in at 76.  After finishing the post (before publishing) I realized there might be a couple of other bands in the top 500 and sure enough Gråsuggorna and No Se both roll in at 304.  Obviously, this is all subject to change.

Also, I should note that many people believe that -NC (non-commercial) is non-free and by a strict definition it isn’t.  I, on the other hand, am much less cozy with -ND (no derivatives).  I’ve been meaning to post a blog on the -NC topic, but suffice it to say that while I believe in copyleft and freedom in software, software is a tool. Art is art…unless it’s marketing.  There’s a time and place for marketing, but let’s not confuse the two.

Back to the point, even though NIN is so high *because* of their new Creative Commons albums, it’s also so high because of a large back catalog of non-Creative Commons stuff.  Essentially, there are five bands in my top 500 (all in the lower half). This maks for some convenient math; 1%.  This hardly qualifies me as listening to “open” punk.  By the same logic, I listen to rap. Though there are only 4 bands (unless you include Limp Bizkit and maybe others), The Beastie Boys (88), Eminem (69), Dr. Dre (357) and Cypress Hill (226) have a *much* higher average. I have a total tracks played number so I could do some other stats, but I don’t want to beat this to death.

The point of all of this (including the rant) is to challenge us all to do a better job.  Fighting the good fight takes a lot of energy.  It takes energy I often don’t have after a long day at work.  We need to encourage each other and work together.  Is there something I can do to help you migrate to GNU/Linux? Is there something I can do to help your Creative Commons’ music?  Since we need all the help we can get, I guess I’ll work with you Mac fan boys too.

One last thing for music fans and Apple fan boys alike. If you think audio editing is just for the fruity among us, come see Tom Ray of Lorenzo’s Music give a presentation on audio editing in Linux on August 18th.  I’d love to give you guys and gals some more links, but like usual I’m running up against bed time and a long to-do list.

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  1. Cool post. A good read. A bit more Professor Kliq would get your CC stats up better 🙂

    Where is the Tom Ray presentation? I’d love to attend, and bring PK along with me, I’ve been trying to get him to try out Ubuntu Studio for a little while now!

    • I totally failed to hit the replay button on the last one…but not this time!

      http://web608.org/events/2009/06/17/audio-editing-linux is one place you can RSVP for Tom’s talk.

      Here are directions pulled from http://madisonlinux.org/Meetings

      ‘Our Friday social meetings are currently held at the UW Memorial Union, in the “Lakefront” cafe/grill (enter the front of the building, go a bit right, then straight back). Food and drink are available, as is wireless access for UW students and faculty.

      This map shows the first floor of the Memorial Union; the Lakefront Cafe is in the upper right corner. We are usually in, or around, the back corner of the room. Hope to see you there.

      There have been a couple instances when the Memorial Union was not available and we had to change meeting locations at the last minute. If this is the case, head up to Fair Trade Coffee on 418 State St. It’s a few blocks East of the Memorial Union.’

      Please let me know if those directions are not adequate.

  2. Wow, this is fascinating. I love opensource and I love my mac, and have recently discovered the fabulous depths of the linux/opensource world – one of which is CC music. Being an editor of an online metal mag and engaged weekly with industry chats about such things as downloads and piracy, I’m always fascinated by the topic of CC music.
    Love to chat with you about this sometime via email… drop us a line if you’re keen?


  3. @leticia If you prefer e-mail, I can do that, but seems like it might be a good discussion to keep out in the open, so I’ll respond here first.

    I think Apple makes some great products, but they make a lot of douche bag moves too. It’s not so much using Macs that bothers me, but giving Apple money. So people that already have Macs, I’m not really suggesting they install Linux on it…although it would help browser stats. If people want an out-of-the-box experience with Linux there *are* vendors selling Linux; System76, Dell, ZaReason and probably others. I *certainly* understand not wanting to go through driver hell with Linux. Believe me, I don’t enjoy that either.

    For the sake of completeness here are some things Apple could do *without* open sourcing that would make me like them better:
    1) stop being so secretive.
    2) support ogg
    3) release iTunes for Linux
    4) release the iPhone for multiple vendors.

    Linux has enough browsers. Safari on Linux does nothing for me though I would support that.

    Now, on to Creative Commons music. I don’t know how much you know, but I’d check out Libre.fm and Jamendo.com if you’re looking for more info. Or obviously, you can ask a specific question of me.

  4. thanks for the opportunity given to comment, I visited another opportunity again

  5. […] I posted about Creative Commons music, I’ve actually listened to more.  Severed Fifth is now 295 and all the others have gone up; […]

  6. Just a follow-up on this. Tom Ray and I now do a Creative Commons podcast called Music Manumit. You can find it at http://musicmaunumit.com

    Feel free to send us music suggestions, just make sure the songs don’t have the -ND tag.

    I think Tom and I might talk about this on the next talk show, which we’ll record on Sunday. The Dan Lynch interview should be coming out in the next couple of days.

  7. Here’s the Creative Commons bands currently in my top 500 on Last.fm.

    Note that these are the play order (ie, Nine Inch Nails holds the 35th top spot on my last.fm profile).

    You can see my entire top 500 at http://www.lastfm.se/user/DouglasAWh/charts?rangetype=overall&subtype=artists

    Also, these may have changed by the time you see it.

    NIN – 35
    De Fuckups – 93
    Gråsuggorna – 118
    Lorenzo’s Music – 168
    Diablo Swing Orchestra – 175
    No Se – 187
    David Rovics – 193
    Sounds Like Chicken – 193
    Houdini Roadshow – 209
    Jonay – 226
    Predator – 237
    Severed Fifth – 251
    Freak Fandango Orchestra – 331
    The irrational club – 337
    Holy Pain – 398
    Loudog – 483
    Auvernia – 493

    Now, Diablo Swing Orchestra’s 2nd album isn’t CC and their first is under -ND, so we’ll never play them on the show. I don’t know about the others off the top of my head but I think Houdini Roadshow is -ND. Some of these seem artificially high. I’m wondering if I left something looping with Freak Fandango Orchestra and The irrational club as those are new to my playlist.

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