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Release early, release often…Ef it, just release

Many people don’t know that I was (am?) an aspiring poet/lyricist.  In my search out of the post-modern decay that is my life (emo much?) I’ve tried to pick things up again after some time off.  The trip to Sweden was my catalyst with the land of my ancestors, the true beauty of the country and Brenda’s energy and excitement all equal players.  Most everything I’ve written since then has been rubbish with the exception of a pseudo-sonnet that only one person other than me has seen (if there is demand I’ll release it).

As any of you that pay any attention to my identi.ca or *private* twitter stream you know I’ve been reading a book titled DiY Culture: Party and Protest in Nineties Britain.  I got it from the Madison InfoShop (site appears to be down as of writing…hopefully back up soon).  While I thought it was going to be about punk (the only thing with which I’ve ever heard DiY associated) it’s mostly about anti-road campaigns and dance culture.  It should be pretty obvious the books influence on my thoughts in the following “poem”.  It sounds more like a stream of microblog posts, but the content was so important to me I decided to type it up (yep, I still use paper for my writing…well, not blog posts)

For centuries man communed with nature

My nature now consists of hockey moms in SUVs at 70mph

the howling wind is a reminder of a paradise destroyed by greed and incompetence…mostly greed.

Apathy and cowardise are the orders of the day.

Do you see no utility in tranquility?

What is out there? Where are people going?

The sounds of the crickets, the chirps of the birds

<this line was going to be eliminated> Why must we spend so much time and energy to commune?</this line was going to be eliminated>

We recognize the need for nature or we would not enjoy luscious beaches.

Are the waves of prairie grass less natural than the waves of Crete?

What does my writing do? Am I solving anything.

Most of the stuff I’ve written has been something like this…stream of consciousness I’ve never gone back to make rhyme or flow.  Between work, the gym, running the LUG and various other things, I simply don’t have time.  I hope not only to write more here on the blog, I also hope to put pen to paper more often.  With a statistics class coming up at the end of the month, this doesn’t look likely, but I’m still holding out hope.

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