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Update on me helping you.

My entire last post was on BarCampMilwaukee4, so I might as well plug it again. It’s next weekend!
October 20th is the next MadLUG meeting.  We now have a topic. Nagios and SNMP.  The venue may change, but it will be on University Ave regardless of venue.  Also, after going to today’s Python meet-up, I’m leaning toward moving the November meeting to a Saturday.

November 1st (possibly Oct 31) is the next Open Everything event.  We do not have very many people signed up.  The Pewaukee location fell through.  We are looking to focus the event on open access and will be modeling it after last year’s Open Access Day.  EDIT: I just found out they are doing http://www.openaccessweek.org/ instead this year.  I will have to discuss with Alnisa and get back to you on our plans, if any.

November 13th-ish we are going to have Open Music Madison.  No updates on this.  If you want updates, ping Tom Ray.

If you have ever been to an OE Madison or to a MadLUG meeting, please leave your thoughts or e-mail me directly at douglasawhREMOVEFORREALZ@gmail.com

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