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Despite missing November, I’ve got plenty to talk about.  I’ve got a poll, but I’m not sure how to import it. I’m going to go ahead and publish this and then edit it when I figure out how to put the poll in.

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  1. Oh, I finally remember what I was forgetting. The thought occurred to me that large hard drives and boardband have really helped Linux, and not in the ways that are obvious. Post a comment if you want to find out my secret reasoning.

  2. […] by douglasawh on December 5, 2009 To help people along in their decision on voting for my next blog post, I thought I’d give a “quickcast” of sort for […]

  3. […] Ubuntu’s Release Cycle has the most votes for my next post.  I encourage you to continue to vote (but don’t vote for Ubuntu…that’d just be silly […]

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