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Some thoughts on college sports

This was going to be a note on Google Reader, but it got pretty long, so I’ll put it here.  Normally I talk about technology, but since education is such an important part of technology policy (in both directions), I thought it was worthy of a blog entry.

Below is my response to Charlie Weis and Randy Edsall Shed Some Tears on the Football Field

Though there will probably never be a day I cheer for my alma mater over the team of my birth, UK Wildcats, or the team of my childhood, Alabama Crimson Tide, at least in their respective dominant sports of basketball and American football, one thing I have always been proud of Chapel Hill is it’s fantastic academic standards.  Now, I don’t know how that applies to athletics, and I’d like to point out that both UK and Bama have some highly rated programs (for instance, Bama law is ranked higher than UNC law), but I think a lot of students (particularly those that have gone beyond undergraduate studies) probably struggle with this.  In fact, I have been a critic of Butch Davis’ contract, even though I have been a critic of Calipari or Saban’s larger contracts.  My parents (who both have Bama degrees, two in my father’s case), don’t seem to mind too much either. Unless the NCAA enacts some sort of salary cap, I don’t see things changing.  I don’t think that’s a bad idea though.  Certain people coach for the love of the game and love of the students/school.  Roy Williams is one of those people, I think. Butch Davis, Nick Saban and John Calipari have all shown by going to the NFL and NBA that that is not why they coach.  And, don’t even get me started about the treasonous Rick Pitino.

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