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To help people along in their decision on voting for my next blog post, I thought I’d give a “quickcast” of sort for each.

Community Leadership Summit

Why XP needs to die.

I hated Vista when it came out.  However, while UAC annoyed me, I’ve come to realize that most users need to be protected from themselves.
Ubuntu’s release cycle

I think people talk about this kind of stuff, which is why I think Gabe’s suggestion that people don’t take is ridiculous.  He’s just not a part of the conversation, because he’s not a Linux developer/FLOSS advocate (I have my particular definition of that and if you’re not involved in the conversation, you’re not one).

Essentially, the real issue is what hinders adoption.  I’ve said for some time that anybody can run Linux and that it isn’t hard, and it isn’t.  But I think that’s the wrong question.  Why should people *want* to learn Linux?  I think most of us in the community enjoy a good flame war.  “As the Stallman Turns” and “Guiding Linus” are nice little soap operas for us.  I’m guilty of running pre-alphas of Ubuntu…twice now.  You don’t have to do that, but people in the Linux community do.  Linux guys switch distros and try out stuff because they love technology.  The arguments and all the scripting turn people off.  There’s a lot of it out there, but you don’t have to do it.  If Ubuntu’s cock, I mean CoC, is trying to solve one of these problems the Ubuntu getting rid of The GIMP is *trying* to solve another problem.

The “problem” is the developers are the ones developing and there is no “target audience” other than developers and other technology enthusiasts.  Microsoft and Apple developers don’t have to eat their own dog food.  Linux developers do or, for the most part, they wouldn’t be Linux developers.

That all brings us to the release cycle problem as discussed on the Ubuntu UK podcast.
The new MadLUG presentation structure

Why I hate Twitter (and specifically 140char limits)

This has been discussed already on identi.ca/brainbird.net.  Since omb “in context” doesn’t work all that great, I can rehash it here.
Why I hate statistics

I found the length of the Cante’s Inferno classes to be brutal, but it was fairly easy and actually I think about the class a lot.  I wish we had done more Marx and Marxian thought and less “philosophy” but it opened a new world.  Statistics is just brutal.  I can expound.

The Science of Global Warming and the discussion about the science

The Earth could be like Venus. That would be cool, right?

How I was convinced to move everything to BY-SA

Basically, the Software Freedom Law show convinced me.
My move

moving sucks.

freeloaders in FOSS

There’s a whole lot of complainers.  Either shut your mouth, show me the code, become a community leader or donate to projects.  Preferably a combination.  “I’m not a developer” is not an excuse.  Ever heard of this thing called Google?  Let me be clear, I am not talking about people coming into the community or “users”.  I’m talking about long-standing members in the community that want to bitch and moan in identi.ca or blogs and don’t get involved in the formal Ubuntu or Fedora teams, where their voice could be heard.

the NaNoWriMo disaster

I didn’t do it.

Sneak Peek into upcoming MadLUG events

I pretty already linked to this above.  There are some subtle differences though in the two potential posts.
the “disaster” that was the identi.ca upgrade to .9

brainbird had a lot of problems too.

Why hatred of the mainstream is hurting GNU/Linux adoption

Ubuntu is definitely at a crossroads.  I think a lot of their problems would be solved by simply having a DVD version like Fedora does.  I could talk more about why that will solve things and in general, as I’ve already touched on, how this pro-techie culture is hurting Linux adoption, even if it is, and has been, completely usable by those with the lest amount of technical ability among us.
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2 Responses

  1. I’d just like to point out that my rant against complaining in no way applies to manufacturers that don’t provide FLOSS drivers…or more importantly, decent drivers. I’m not saying any names *cough* ATI *cough* nVidia *cough* but there are a number of them out there. I’d say “thanks for supporting us” but having something that installs, isn’t exactly what I’d call support. If you don’t have the man power to make it work, release the code and we’ll make it work. ATI opened the specs, but that’s not the same as opening the current drivers. The main thing is many companies can’t possibly keep up with the pace of development of FLOSS, specifically with drivers, X and compiz, so there’s only one thing to do…

    Whoever opens all their drivers first, ATI or nVidia, you *will* get an ass-ton of Linux users buying your cards. I don’t understand why one of you doesn’t do it. Is it because you know the other one will soon after? Well, if opening is so terrible for business, why would the other open? Let ATI keep their secrets and nVidia, you get the Linux community. It will be a wholesale switchover, I assure you.

    Ok, now it’s time for bed…

  2. That is only the subject I was in search of.

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