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interesting perspective on East vs. West

Back on August 27th, OkCupid sent me an email that told me my matches based on location around the world and in the US.  The last few months have been crazy because I’m working full time and talking a 4-credit statistics class 40 minutes away.  So, you get it now.

I fought with WordPress just a bit to get the images larger (and to use the original HTML) but in the end, just taking a screenshot appeared to be a better option, at least on my vertically rotated monitor (yay Fedora 12!)

Click to make it larger:

It’s not particularly surprising the results, though I don’t know enough about Maryland to justify it being up there.  The midwest and south are noticeably absent from the “Best Of” but at least the midwest also isn’t represented in the “Worst Of”

A lot of people are probably confused by my fascination about Scandinavia considering my hair and eye color doesn’t fit the region (mom’s side is partially Swedish though).  Anybody who thinks that it’s just some sort of weird ancestry worship thing should take a look though.  Iceland is noticeably at the top and Finland rolls in at #4.  Northern Europeans Germany also get in on the fun (though it’s probably a stretch to call *all* of Germany Northern Europe).

While there’s a pretty clear “east” versus “west” thing going on with the map, it’s interesting to note just how westernized Japan and South Korea must have become.  It’s also notable that Finland is somewhat of a border country in the East/West and previously was part of Russia.  I also found it interesting how that Brazil and Argentina appear westernized (by this trivial criteria) but the African nations of South Africa and Egypt are clearly in the “east”.  Ukraine and Trinidad and Tobago also jump out as interesting “worst countries”.  I wonder how many data points they have from each country.  My knowledge of Ukraine is mostly limited to Dynamo Kyiv and Andriy Shevchenko (though not so much together because I know Shevchenko from Milan, but Kyiv was his youth club and his current club).  T&T being in CONCACAF, it just seems like an outlier because of being so close.  They speak English for crying out loud!

Interesting fact about Ukraine: “Ukraine occupies 8th place in the world by the number of tourists visiting

Now, I want to see if this data correlates with maps of FLOSS usage and see if there’s anything to the ways people think about freedom.

Also, I just clicked on the map of the world zoomed all the way out and I got the dart in Wisconsin. Pretty good!  I did change it to Madison though.

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