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It’s so freaking hot in Wisconsin!

NASA recently came out and said 2009 was the second warmest year on record and somewhere Glenn Beck is either getting his daily lobotomy, back in the mother-ship or getting advice from his scientific advisor, Mr. Magic 8-ball.  It has been cold in Wisconsin, but fittingly, today it got up to 37 here in Wisconsin…actually, it still is at nearly 1am.  Quite the heat wave (I’m not joking).

So, I thought I’d drop in and tell you a bit of what has been going on so you can fire away with questions.

1) falling out with the ex-girlfriend. It’s as over as over can be. I think we’re both very much at peace with that. No further questions, please.

2) I got FIFA 2010 for PS3. Now, I don’t own a PS3, but my roommate does.  I suppose I like to enjoy some freedom-hating every once-in-a-while.  My screen name there is douglasawhsport (just like on ESPN).

3) I had the worst abdominal pain the other day and ended up in urgent care.  Doctors don’t have any idea what happened. Appendicitis and kidney stone (the two original hypothesis) were ruled out with blood and fluid tests.  It caused me to miss my basketball game (which it sounds like we could have won), but it’s all better now.  Maybe my guardian angel knew something about the drive to the game I didn’t.

4) heard about Debian wine. Sounds awesome.

5) Ubuntu Lucid is looking fast. Everything I use is working atm, except VBox additions.

6) fought with WINE trying to get ESPN360 to work.  Supposedly it can be done.

7) working on freshing-up my PHP.

8) got my grub issue fixed.

9) I got World Cup tickets. 🙂 Waiting on the travel agent to give me a call back about plane tickets.

Plenty more has happened with the move, time with the family and vacationing in New Orleans.  The fact that I haven’t written should be an indication I’ve got a lot going on.

If you want details on any of those, just drop a line in the comments!

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