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Upcoming Show Themes

Be sure to send me your remixable Creative Commons tracks at http://soundcloud.com/groups/music-manumit/dropbox if you have sounds the would fall under the following themes:

  • Labor (think Wisconsin)
  • USA (think fourth of July)
  • Technology (think Android/Linux)
  • Earth Day
  • Great Football Powers (Italy, Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, etc)
  • Football more generally (aka soccer)
  • Africa
  • anarchy
  • Aussies
  • Christianity
  • Coming Out Week
  • Country
  • depression
  • FCC & RIAA
  • Female singers
  • Freedom
  • Halloween
  • Iceland
  • I’m on a Boat
  • Leaving Town
  • Mashups
  • Memorial Day
  • Metal
  • Middle East
  • Midwest
  • New Years
  • Non-English
  • Numbers
  • Socialism
  • People’s Names
  • Pirates
  • Prehistoric Creatures
  • Remixes
  • Science
  • Ska
  • sleep
  • South America
  • St. Patrick
  • Straight Edge
  • Thanksgiving
  • trumpet
  • Weird Stuff
  • Women’s World Cup (in Germany)
  • World Wars


Yep, I’ve got a lot of themes going!  Obviously you can leave links in the comments too.  You don’t just need to use SoundCloud.


I have no idea when I’ll get around to another post.  I still need to get back to writing at http://sportazine.com.


To be honest, I’ve been playing a lot of FIFA 2011 and watching United on TV that has kept me away.  As always, you can find me microblogging.

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