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the post that never was

I wrote this blog post over at FMA but they didn’t like.  Headphonica and Bad Panda were cool with it.  Anyway, it’s here for your enjoyment.

“We all remember the last time the Germans, Japanese and Italians got together, right?  Well, I mean, we don’t remember, per se. Most of us weren’t alive yet. If you think that changed the world, you can’t imagine what’s up next!

German socialists have a bad name, right?  Well, of course those German socialists do, but not these German socialists – headphonica.  That’s right, your friendly, neighborhood FMA curators are socialists.  SOCIALISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THEY LIKE SOCIAL THINGS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hear them talk of their evil, socialist Creative Commons music when we (well, I) interview them.

Pandas are Japanese, right?  No, they’re Italian! Or, at least the bad ones are.  See, I told you these Germans and Italians were evil.  It says so in their name! (Bad Panda Records)  Hear Claudio’s plans for world domination and check out the tunes with which he plans to do it.  You can check out more of the “bad” music on their FMA curator page.”

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