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Is Open without Green worthwhile?

I was quite prolific and quite paranoid back in 2009 it would seem.  Paranoid, distractable or non-committal.  Probably some of all three…


Again, if I claim to be part of a child pornography ring, it’s not true.  I didn’t bother re-reading though.


Most people would expect me to write that statement backwards; Is Green without Open worthwhile?  But, no, I’m reflecting on the topic stated.  I think the answer is undoubtedly yes…in the short term.  In the long run though, the meritocracy and “free market” of the open source world could fail to save our planet, just like governments and corporations have thus far failed.

<h3>Some Context</h3>:

I’m mostly reflected on this due to my recent and upcoming travels.  Last weekend I was in Kentucky and yesterday I drove to Milwaukee.  It’s more than that though, every time I go to Madison Linux User Group meetings I have to drive (at least 8 miles to a bus stop).  Living outside the city keeps me pretty immobilized, which is frustrating.  It’s not that I’m lazy. I was biking to work in the Wisconsin February.  However, I live 3 miles from work and I don’t feel I can afford the time to bike in to Madison proper, and even if I could afford the time, the later nights that would be required would be even colder in the winter.

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