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That’s the assignment.  I’m passionate about so many things; Linux, United, FC St. Pauli, Malmö FF, Creative Commons music, etc.  Well, in honor of the recent victory over Rangers, I’m going to write about Malmö FF goalkeeper Johan Dahlin.  I suppose I could write this over on http://sportazine.com but I want the announcement about the hiatus to stay up at the top and since this could have been about anything and I started writing here…well, here it stays.


My favorite footballer is Malmö Fotbollförening (Malmö FF) and Swedish international goalkeeper Johan Dahlin.  As my Swedish club, many Malmö players are among my favorites, but Dahlin first caught my attention before he signed for Malmö.  I saw Dahlin play in the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Under-21 (U21) European Championships.  While I only saw one game, he was impressive in the 3-1 win over Serbia.  Seeing the game in Malmö would come to strengthen my love of the shot-stopper, as after the tournament Malmö FF became the tenants of Swedbank Stadion (Malmö New Stadium for UEFA events).

I too am a goalkeeper and thus understand the greatness of his agility and incredible ability to catch the ball.  Equal to his physical gifts are his mental talents, which allow him to present a commanding presence in the box. He also displays true leadership and communication skills in the organization of his back line, which includes Scandinavians from various countries as well as Brazillian Ricardinho and Portuguese Yago Fernández.  Often playing through chronic back pain, he shows true grit not always present in the modern game.

In 2010, Dahlin helped lead Malmö FF to their record 19th title.  His club success has lead to 24 Sweden U21 appearances and 2 caps (appearances) for the full international side.  Electronic Arts has noticed his impressive form, which earned him a spot on the young player’s list for the 2011 title.

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