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19,628 Artists in total, Public Domain and other things

I think the way I’m going to need to blog given my time crunch is to just not worry about flowery language and to just spit out what I’m thinking.  Here we go.

Any general thoughts on legal blogging?  Should it just not be done?  I said something about public domain on the podcast that my roommate heard and was inaccurate in some way.  Basically, don’t claim you wrote/produced/made something you didn’t – including public domain works.  Please remember that A) I’m a first year law student (so you’re pretty much an idiot if you take what I say as legal advice) and B) Music Manumit Podcast will *never* be legal advice.  Always see a lawyer if you have specific legal questions about a specific legal situation.

I’ve been listening to a lot of natural sounds/sounds of nature music, which has upped my artists on Last.fm to 19628.  I’m trying to get to 20000, so I can join a specific Last.fm group.  Any suggestions on artists to check out?

Maybe that was it.  I can’t remember.  I have a couple more blog posts in the works, but I wanted bust a cap toward your way (really doesn’t work as well as “shoot it your way” but you’ll understand the reference once the next Music Manumit comes out).

Oh, one more quick thing.  I will be in Boston this weekend, so come rob my house…er…hit me up if you are in Boston and want to chill before the the David Rovics show.



One Response

  1. I’m actually well past 20,000 now. yay!

    I did not go to Boston that weekend, but I plan to next weekend.

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