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Digital Thank You Card

I wouldn’t exactly call this an open letter, because I’m writing it to the world to tell you how awesome Tarus is.  However, considering I am writing it in place of an actual thank you card, one might look at it that way.  As has been noted several times, I’m not very timely on getting blog posts…um, posted.  I tend to live by the “release early, release often” creed.  I wanted to take my time (but not too much time!) with this one and make sure Tarus knew it wasn’t just a 30-second post (whether he knows that or not after reading, I did spend more than 30-seconds on it!).  I felt like links to websites and a LinkedIn-style recommendation would mean more than a piece of paper.  It’s not like I’m probably sending him that much traffic, but I suppose every bit counts. Well, without further delay…

I would like to thank Tarus Balog of OpenNMS for introducing me to Aaron Williamson of the Software Freedom Law Center for a potential legal internship.  Who knows what will come of it.  I would like to think it would work out.  On the other hand, if the SFLC has a lot of great future lawyers beating down its door, then that’s absolutely fantastic problem for them to have.

I’ve never been in a situation where I needed to use OpenNMS, so I can speak to the product, but Tarus also lent a helping hand (via a check) back when I helped coordinate a massive Software Freedom Day event when I was Co-President of the Carolina Open Source Initiative*.  Basically, Tarus is awesome.

As somewhat of a side note, free software rolls deep in North Carolina and specifically The Triangle region.  In addition to OpenNMS and Red Hat, one of the founders of MindTouch (Aaron Fulkerson) graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill, as did Mark Webbink.  Ibiblio, a large free software mirror and digital library, is also housed at UNC-Chapel Hill.  There are some other examples, but the point of the post is not to talk about The Triangle, but rather to thank Tarus.  I just wanted to make the side point for anyone looking for a place to live or place to go to school.

*sadly the group has become inactive since I left Chapel Hill and the old ibiblio.org website has been taken down.  Facebook and Last.fm are the last vestiges, but before you go hatin’ remember that Libre.fm started in 2009 and Diaspora in 2010.

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