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summer plans still TBD

I almost certainly will be in Baltimore for the summer. Wendy and I are going to be trying a scary and exciting experiment of living together for the summer.

I don’t want to go into detail about my summer plans because they are not finalized, it is late and, most importantly, I’ve already written about the project twice. More specifically, I wrote a welcome to the Music Manumit Lawcast and a recap of the work I did during the winter break.

I hadn’t announced the launch of the Lawcast here, so that is one of the things I wanted to do in this post. I also wanted to give a slight update to the project that I didn’t feel warranted a post on the Lawcast.

1) Stephen of Cyberunions and I will decide in March if we are going to do a sports podcast. While ultimate transparency would suggest I should tell you what we’ve decided so far, the matter is subject to change. Plus, Stephen and I have been discussing the potential for the show on status.net. Consider this a small enticement for using status.net instead of the t-word.

2) I have been kicking the idea around of working on a book. Stephen and I have been discussing the name for the book. In the process of discussing the potential project with John Britton, he pointed me to this book by Mozilla. The current idea will be that the book will be a collection of essays on openness in various disciplines. Often we get fractured into various camps due to requirements of specialization, and I feel like the world needs a “from the trenches” book that places various ideas together in one space. Too often corporate entities and academia set the terms of discussion. Even though the SOPA protests wouldn’t have been as powerful without Google and Wikipedia, the fact of the matter is we as a global society are under-going change. The Occupy movement is a part of that change as was the Arab Spring (which of course is on-going in Syria, to the extent that situation qualifies). We can have a list of bloggers or a list of social media pages, but the Internet lends itself to choice, of à la carte. While I am a huge fan of choice, there is value in occasionally being forced to take things as a whole. If we only allow ourselves “similar items” we risk missing new and exciting interests.

I certainly have some ideas as to people I will want to be involved in the project, but if you are interested in getting involved, please let me know.
I will need, at the very least, writers. I will also need promoters. I will need a domain name complete with web-developer/web-host. I will need people with insights into the publishing industry*.





*Plan A is to release through Amazon and/or Lulu, but the project is not far-enough along for me to have looked into the details. I need to get through the semester first!

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