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Santa Claus, er, David Rovics is coming to town.

As many people no doubt did, I got an email from David Rovics about his fall tour. I asked him if the information was online somewhere and he said no. For the time being, I am correcting that problem:

Hi folks in New Hampshire,

OK so I realize the kids aren’t even getting out of school yet and summer
hasn’t technically begun yet, but I’m already making plans for September,
because that’s the way these things work…

I’m planning on being all the way up and down the east coast in the fall to
meet and greet politicians at both the Republican and Democratic National
Conventions in Florida and North Carolina, to do various shows in the
southeastern and northeastern US — hopefully including New Hampshire!

And the whole way this shoestring operation of mine works in a nutshell is
I make plans to go somewhere and then I blindly hope that some people in
their right minds will decide that one thing they want to do with their
life now is organize a gig for David Rovics when he next comes to town…
So if one of those people might be you, I look forward to hearing from you!

Hope to see you on the road and in the streets in this year of 2012!

(503) 863-1177

Also, David is right, it is time to schedule for September. If you are in a Creative Commons band and you would like to speak with Tom and I on our show, Music Manumit, let me know!

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