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Music Manumit is looking for an intern

As already “announced” on Google Plus, I am looking to get an intern for the Music Manumit Podcast/Lawcast.

I haven’t “announced” this on the Lawcast blog because I’m not sure the best way to formulate the internship.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far though:

An intern interested in music would be putting together our music shows in blogger and searching out great new bands releasing under remixable Creative Commons licenses. We would also have an intern interested in music help with booking bands for interviews. We have long talked about putting a live show together and that is something we may finally be able to do if we have a capable intern willing to help out with booking.
An intern interested in social media/advertising would maintain our facebook and Google Plus pages. We would likely also start a dedicated twitter account. Right now, I am just using my personal twitter account because there is too much to keep track of otherwise.
An intern interested in technology would be helping us write a script to take banshee (a Linux media player written in the mono language) playlists and get them into blogger in the most efficient way possible. This is going to take some serious regular expression manipulation. My master’s degree is in information science and I could easily speak more about the requirements for this project. We also have some projects lined up for the SIP telephony protocol.
An intern interested in law would do legal research on the Creative Commons license. This is likely where Nicholas and I can provide the most to an intern.

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  1. We are still looking for people to help out, just as volunteers, not interns.

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