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Things Are Not Going Well

I finally got my grades back from the third semester of law school. Unfortunately, this was the worst semester yet. This was supposed to be the semester where I was closer to campus and thus wasted less time going back and forth. I was also supposed to rise above the silly required classes of first year.

Maybe it was my grandmother dying in the middle of the semester. Last fall I got sick for like a month so that had to slow me down at least as much as leaving town for the funeral.

Maybe it was concentrating too much on Patent Law and Evidence (the only two classes I am happy about). Maybe it was being in classes with 3rd years. I don’t know.

I’m not sure what to do either. Things are already not going as well as I would like with Netizen Empowerment Federation. I have three days left to find interns before the semester starts back. I was also hoping to get all of my music shows for Music Manumit done during break. I’m only up until the end of March.

I could barely be more slack than I already am during the semester on sportazine.com and opensourceplayground.org. There are other writers for both of those sites, but they are busy and not writing as much as I would have hoped. I’ve already written about options for the summer, but now that I know how the semester went, I need answers sooner than the summer. Any thoughts?

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  1. Rather than a followup post, I’ll just note here that about a year later we gave up on the music shows to concentrate on the interview shows. Life is much-improved and we’ve heard no complaints from listeners!

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