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You know, it’s interesting. My two primary professional functions are to record my voice and to write. And yet, here I am. Most people get away from their work when they need to refresh. For some of us, as computers become an increasing part of our lives, that is hard. Maybe I should take C.Reider’s advice, get away from it all and listen to the sounds of the world.

Really though, I’m just working out the writer’s block, because as long as I have things in my head and I want to share them, I’m not going to be able to focus on writing articles for netizenfed.org, law.musicmanumit.com, sportazine.com or opensourceplayground.org.

So, I thought I might feel better after some rest (I started writing this last night) and I do. However, it has taken a while. It’s now 16:03 US Central, where I’m at right now. Better late than never!

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