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What Netizen Empowerment Federation (NEF) and its Constituent Sites Need

I guess this would fit better in some ways at www.netizenfed.org but I don’t really like our interface there and, more importantly, I’d like to keep things there more thought out and official. This is probably going to be rambly.

I. Sportazine

  1. writers and podcasters for all sports. We currently don’t have near the output to compete with the big sites. You might think we never will, but that won’t keep us from trying! If you want to write/podcast about a single team or event, that is fine.
  2. Free Culture Sports Show Guest Scheduler. Currently this is one of my duties, but doing it keeps me from writing for the site.
  3. Videographer. Sportazine started working on a documentary project two years ago. Once we finalize some details, we’ll have a ton of positions for this. We’ll need cinematographers, editors, sound engineers – everything. Our original director doesn’t have time right now to go through the funding process. I’d like to do the funding without him in the hopes that he will come back. Otherwise, I’ll direct the project (I do have a BA in the subject), though I would like to be free to do the producer stuff instead of the director stuff. 

II. Cyberunions

Stephen wants everyone to join mayfirst.org. I know it’s a reasonably large ($100/year) financial commitment, but it’s the first way to show Stephen you are serious about the labor movement. If you aren’t able to afford that, they may be willing to work with you if you are passionate about the cause. If you are passionate about the labor movement, but don’t know anything about tech, then I don’t know if Cyberunions is the right place for you. We’d be happy to have other labor sites join us though!

III. Music Manumit Punkcast

Some people like genre-specific shows. This show was a bit of a companion to the Music Manumit Music Only Show (when that existed). I’d be happy for someone to take over the show. I’ve not officially closed the Punkcast like we did the Music Only Show, but the reality is I don’t have any roadmap for it coming back.

If punk isn’t your thing, but you’d be interested in doing a genre-specific show, or a general music show, we might be able to bring something under the Music Manumit name. Let me know!

IV. Music Manumit Lawcast

Writers or podcasters. This is another project for which there are really no plans to bring back. Unlike the Punkcast though, this is one where only a small subset of people is qualified. I really want to bring this back, since I’m one of those people. Once I do bring back the Lawcast, I will have some other ways you can help contribute.

V. Music Manumit

Probably the best way to help is to post the show links on social media. We’ve tried to bring people in to Music Manumit in the past, but considering Tom’s commitments to job, family, and Lorenzo’s Music, the extra layer of coordination didn’t really work out.

That said:

  1. Notetaker. Currently, this is my job, but I would love some help. I can give you access to our show notes directory.
  2. Scheduler. Really, if you think you can help with scheduling, you should probably take my spot on Ryno’s show, but if you want to work with me/Music Manumit instead of Ryno for some reason, we can talk about how you can help.
  3. Free Music Archive curator. Now that we don’t have a music only show, our curation will be a little different than it has been in the past. I think adding our closing tracks would be good though. We pick the artists, and then the artists pick the tracks (generally), so there are a couple of layers of curation, which is perfect for the FMA.

VI. Open Source Playground

  1. Recruiter. Our SysAdmin (not me) needs to find full-time employment. If you want to post any jobs in the southern midwest or SoCal, please do so.
  2. Writers/podcasters. This is another site that I don’t see myself contributing to for some time. Like the Lawcast, I do hope to contribute more eventually.

VII. RynoTheBearded

The first of our new additions. Ryno finally licensed his podcasts under CC BY.

  1. podcasters/DJs for his 24/7 stream.
  2. scheduler. Currently this is a job I do and I’m not planning on quitting, but if we can find someone else to do it, that will free me up to do other things.

VIII. Amateur Zen

The second of our two new additions! Alex hasn’t told me what he wants, if anything. The footer on his site says to share his music, site, and shows though, so that’s a good place to start!

IX. NEF Command

As an organization, NEF needs many things.

  1. Accountant. This is a job I plan on doing at some point, but it’d be great if we found someone that actually knows something about accounting, rather than me just figuring it out as we go.
  2. Social Media person. Right now, as an organization, we have basically no social media presence. All of the people involved are too busy working on their member projects.
  3. Other topical sites. There’s obviously a lot of the world we don’t cover right now. Food, business, comics, law (other than as it related to music, sports, and tech), politics, journalism (who watches the watchers?), medicine/health/safety, travel, cars, fashion, movies, TV, board games, anime, education, science, math, and engineering all immediately come to mind. The one thing that you must do to join is release under a free culture license.
  4. Whip. Between scheduling for Ryno, Music Manumit, and Sportazine, I write a lot of messages about showing up for things. Sometimes I burn out about it. For whatever reason, there seem to be some number of people in NEF that refuse to use a calendar system, or use one and simply ignore it. We’ve had a ton of no-shows to meetings. I don’t have time for that. I could definitely use some help corralling people.
  5. Comic Book Project Manager. For a variety of reasons, we have moved our comic project back to November 2015. We could theoretically get started sooner, or you could start working with NEF now, learn how we do business, and be ready to lead a successful comic book project. We already have an artist. We have some connections in the industry as well. We need someone to manage the project – make sure deadlines are met, meetings are attended, etc.

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