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Africa, Cincinnati, ConIFA, Snowdrift.coop, and Sponsorship

It was the most newsworthy of times. It was the least newsworthy of times. It’s probably a bunch of other conflicting things. There’s probably a revolution going on. Anyway, let me get the pertinent facts before writing A Tale of Two Neighborhoods or something of the nature.

0. Africa

The Romans didn’t have a zero. Shoot me. This will come back later, but Tom and I have been discussing the future of Music Manumit a lot lately. Sections I and III are a big reason why. As part of this discussion, I returned to the fact that Africa remains the one continent unrepresented on Music Manumit. Sure, plenty of countries and even regions of continents (for example, all of South America except Argentina) remain unrepresented and much of that has to do with language barriers. However, plenty of people in Africa speak English, so the lack of engagement from musicians there seems strange.

If you know of any African musicians (any genre) that are releasing under a remixable license, please be in touch.

I. Cincinnati

Unless you’ve been living under some sort of Doug-blocking rock, you know I’m headed to Cincinnati for the 2015-16 academic year (and who knows, maybe longer). I’m including this here mainly so that no one has any excuse for missing the announcement on social media. I don’t have a lot to say about the move right now, other than that I’m looking for jobs in the Cincinnati area or telecommuting jobs.


I’ve written a little about this over at Sportazine. That page will be updated as details get updated, so it’s best to just link, I think.

III. Snowdrift.coop

I’m pretty sure this is ok to say… I was asked to join the steering committee for snowdrift.coop. I really want to join, as I think the project is really important to the future of free culture. However, I’m already drowning in to-do list items. Realistically, I probably need to find some sort of revenue before taking on another project. I’m hoping Ryno will be about to re-up for year two at some point. That may be all I need. If Ryno decides to do a crowdfunding campaign or something, I’ll be sure to blog about it.

IV. Sponsorship

One of the things Tom and I have been discussing is some sort of sponsorship. If you’d be interested in sponsoring an episode, please let me know. We’ll evaluate each sponsor and see if it is a good fit for Music Manumit.

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