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I don’t know that I should really post here more often than I do. I don’t think people really read it. Of course, if I posted more, it would probably get more attention. I don’t really need people reading this. I’d prefer people going to and supporting www.musicmanumit.com and http://sportazine.com.

And, even though I have nothing to do with content, I’d rather people check out my new venture, http://blocsonic.com. blocSonic isn’t why I came here to write, but if I am going to write, I might as well mention it.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty stressed out about the move to Minneapolis (of there’s another announcement). There’s also not very much online that says I work at www.opie.com, so there’s that. I don’t think I’d have wanted to work at an established restaurant. Perhaps a coffee shop. In fact, I applied to Coffee Emporium. Anyway, O Pie O is new, and I figured I’d learn a bit about starting a restaurant, and a business in general. Wendy and I have long talked about starting a restaurant. I have a concept in mind. I’m pretty sure it could work in Boston, and maybe the Bay Area, but I’m not sure where else. We’d need a big space too, which is dangerous for a first restaurant venture. Anyway, the idea would be that you have a sports bar in the basement, “fine” dining on a floor, and then a study area on a floor. I think sports bar in basement is solid, but I’m not sure about the restaurant and study area (which I guess really is a coffee shop, but I hate it when coffee shops are loud, so I’d really want it to be a space for working. No music, but maybe allow the employees to wear headphones or something…maybe there is an app that alerts then that someone needs them. They also have eyes, unless they are blind, in which case I guess headphones are out).

I had thought if we ended up in Indianapolis maybe I’d see about opening up an O Pie O branch. Cincy is close enough that there will be some word of mouth. Of course, being in Ohio or along the Ohio River would make the name more appealing. Maybe the name gets changed to India-pie-hole, or something, although that kinda makes it sound like it’s an Indian restaurant. Wendy thinks it’s worth talking about if I want to do that in Minneapolis, but I just think the extra distance means extra marketing work.

Anyway, it turns out none of this is why I came here to write, other than the “stressed out” bit, but it’s time for bed. I doubt I’ll feel less stressed out tomorrow. I have to take Wendy’s car to get fixed and I have to go to Sprint for her…mostly because she doesn’t know how to ask for checks. Why is that my job? Why do we always have to get desert? I don’t know, the woman really has a time management problem.

I guess eventually I’ll actually get to look for jobs in Minneapolis.

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