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Cover Letter Work in Progress

Per always, cover letter editing follows a tight deadline. I’m going to do my best to get updated versions up at https://pad.riseup.net/p/coverletter, but I figure posting the current text here won’t hurt.

I write to apply for the Business/Systems Analyst 2 position. As a former Systems Engineer at Epic, and having a master’s degree focusing on Systems Analysis, I have the education and experience to excel in this role.

Project-based work is where I succeed. On top of my long history of coaching, and event planning, I have implemented multiple technical projects. While working for UNC’s School of Medicine, I implemented a video microscopy system. Later, I spent a semester in graduate school implementing an inventory system for the Communications Department. At Epic, I had multiple projects, but the one where I most lead the project was in developing an internal Linux laptop program. More than other projects, this project had multiple stakeholders. I had active engagement from my boss (and my boss’ boss), the team members I supervised, and the individuals getting the laptops. While subordinates are not always considered stakeholders, in this particular case they were very important stakeholders. As principal developer, I needed to implement a system that they understood well enough to support.

While most of my database experience is with MySQL, I have also used Oracle solutions for certain Red Hat implementations. Structured Query Language is the basis of most database systems, even those that come with the NoSQL tag (which often actually means non-relational). Oracle’s main competitive advantage has long been their implementation of a procedural language. I have used C#, Javascript, Java, MUMPS, Perl, Python, and R, which all have procedural language aspects. Of course, many of these languages are also used for scripting.

I went to law school to understand copyright and patent law as it related to technology. However, certain business opportunities arose which I felt I could not turn down. Of course, I continue maintain my development skills through business web sites.


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