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Baltimore (and debt), here I come.

The plan[1] is that I will be in Baltimore this summer (3 months) and need a summer job. As many of you know, am currently in school, but already have a master’s in information science. That said, being in Baltimore is more important to me at current than having a job for which I’m qualified. I was initially planning on working at a YMCA or something like that. I realize this is probably early for summer jobs, but the post is unlikely to go anywhere so perhaps people will find it closer to time. I can always give a reprise/update on the situation.Aside from the job thing, I’d be interested in getting to know the GNU/Linux community in the Baltimore if anyone stumbles across this.

As to the job situation, I was not that concerned about it until an auto-shop said I needed $810 work done on my car[2]. That spurred me to do some number crunching and I realize now that if I don’t work at all during school that I will end up ~$75000 in debt. This is projecting housing costs and (obviously) some other stuff over the next 2.5 years but at the very least it seems I’ll be $60,000 in debt. This not a number with which I am comfortable. After graduation I do not want to be a slave to some corporation doing things in which I don’t believe. My savings from my former Wisconsin job does not go nearly as far as it needs to in New England.

I have no idea what the job market is like in Maryland, but I’d like something that is more than $10/hour and around 20 hours a week. The hours are flexible. I’m working on an independent project for the summer, so I don’t want something full time, but for the right price/opportunity I would definitely consider it.

Obviously, I’m willing to send a resume but just to give some idea of the breadth of jobs I would consider:
I have experience in film, music, organization development, event planning, podcasting, biology (my undergrad degree), sports (was paid to coach), healthcare, Windows, Mac (though not recently) and GNU/Linux.
Additionally, I’m trying to shed a Teeter Hangup and some other stuff which can be found on flickr. For anyone that stumbles across this that is in Concord, let me know if you know of cheap housing options.
[1] I’m still considering whether I’d like to “work” as an intern for EFF, Creative Commons, SFLC, IBM, Google or Red Hat. It’s unlikely any of those will have me in Baltimore. That’s a decision I will have to weigh if an opportunity arises.
[2] I am going to get a 2nd opinion since I am not having any problems with the car and took it in just to get a flat tire repaired.


EDIT: I was substantially (factor of 2) off on my calculation for tuition, meaning the number is probably in the $50,000-$60,000 range, which is still not a number with which I’m comfortable. However, that keeps me in the Stafford loans rather than other loans, so I’m no longer freaking out about it, but I would still like a job. Something to keep my tech skills up or something where I am getting exercise would be ideal.

Duke Energy doesn’t support Opera

Duke Energy page was screwing up in Firefox so I opened IE…still screwed up…so I tried Opera. It doesn’t like Opera either. So, I think…wonder if it works on a Mac. So, I try Camino. It works…but I can’t figure out how to change the account the bill goes to. No matter, it’s the right account. But seriously….

Update: I tried in Firefox 3alpha4 on Mac and it worked…until I got to this one screen it crapped out on in another browser.  It’s the “payment activity” screen.  I bet it has something to do with cookies, since I block as many cookies as I can.  Ugh.

Opera and WordPress

So today I begin testing the Opera browser on Vista.  I’ve been reading lately how Opera kicks Firefoxes tail.  I am a diehard Firefox fan, but have been having trouble with the alpha of 3 (yes, I know, they are alphas), so I’ve decided to give K-Meleon and Opera some goes.  K-Meleon is nice, but I don’t like the way their “layers” (read: tabs) run together…I guess they don’t really look like tabs, which irritates me (to each their own).  Anyway, Opera is initially impressive with the new tabs opening up screenshots of favorites, which is pretty cool.  The thing I really like about Firefox is the extensions and things such as Google Sync, simply don’t work in Opera or K-Meleon.  This extension is kinda irritating in general because it’s proprietary and just works on 1.5/2.0.  With the supposed memory improvements, I’ll be excited to use it once there’s better extension support.  I know how to change the max version on the extensions, but sometimes they still don’t work (i.e. Foxmarks).  Google Toolbar doesn’t work except in IE or Firefox 2 either.  Very irritating.  At least Opera and K-Meleon are open source.