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change working title?

So, I am done with Vista for at least a month in between jobs.  I hadn’t been using Vista my last few days at work in favor of Ubuntu anyway.  I am planning on installing Fedora 9 on a virtual machine on my laptop. Here’s a run down of what I was running:

Office desktop: primarily ubuntu, SUSE in a virtual box and Vista dual boot

Office laptop: primarily XP, ubuntu dual boot

both of those boxes are gone.

Home desktop: ubuntu only

Home laptop: ubuntu only

test box: I haven’t used this in a while as I’ve been busy, but I think this is also ubuntu only.

Now, my brother just installed Vista to test and he had been an XP guy while testing ubuntu too, so next week after he moves home I might be seeing it more.  At home my dad has an OS X work laptop and they have a very slow XP Dell.  I think they might have a DOS box in the bedroom, but maybe Windows 3.1.  They had both for a while and I’m not sure if they still have either.  Oh, my brother has a desktop too, and I think it is ubuntu only also, but it gets little use.  Should I go to Wisconsin (likely), I’ll have to get MS certified.  I’ll probably soon be looking to get Red Hat certified too for job reasons (why I’m installing Fedora in virtual box).  The next few months of life should be exciting one way or another.

This brings me back to the main point.  While this blog has never been exclusively about Vista and more about my job related issues in general, since I am no longer a Vista user, it seems strange for the blog to be titled that.  Thoughts?

Vista SP1

So, I’ve been running Vista SP1 at work for a little while and I really haven’t noticed much difference.  SP1 has not been pushed to machines yet, it was distributed to OEMs and I got it through Software Acquisitions on campus.   My machine wasn’t really having too many slowness issues with Vista, which is what the SP was supposed to fix (and maybe some other things, I’m not sure).  I did recently have some performance issues while trying out andLinux.  Though the performance issue were with the Linux side and not the Windows side, I did also notice:

I also posted at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=702357&page=3

Synergy and other things

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here. There’s been a lot going on with SFD, me going Linux full time on my laptop, a break up and plenty of sickness in the family. During that time, I also got a new Blackberry at work and a new PC. This new PC is much more Vista friendly, but there are still some problems. Synergy gives an error saying “FATAL: cannot open primary screen: unable to open screen” and leaves up a notification you can’t make go ahead, but proceeds to work. Said message says “A program can’t display a message on your desktop” You caneither click “Show me the message,” which doesn’t work or “Remind me in a few minutes,” which should be obvious how that could be annoying.

Firefox 3b2 still has memory issues…hope that is just Vista related.

Right now my main gripe is with Outlook 2007 and how it deals with tasks. You can read about that at my post at ubuntu forums.

Does anyone want to help get Ruckus working on Linux? What about Evolution on Windows (specifically Vista)?

We also need more people in COSI’s Last.fm group.

One last thing. COSI has a big event coming up.

Novell and Micro$oft need to get their act together

Why, when I have to cancel a file transfer on Vista to a Novell drive does it always leave the cancel go?cancelling

This happens quite a bit.  I can’t wait for Vista SP1 and version 1 of the Novell client for Vista (rather than a beta).  I finally got smart in this case and put the files to a memory key and then put it on an XP box and uploaded it.

Opera and WordPress

So today I begin testing the Opera browser on Vista.  I’ve been reading lately how Opera kicks Firefoxes tail.  I am a diehard Firefox fan, but have been having trouble with the alpha of 3 (yes, I know, they are alphas), so I’ve decided to give K-Meleon and Opera some goes.  K-Meleon is nice, but I don’t like the way their “layers” (read: tabs) run together…I guess they don’t really look like tabs, which irritates me (to each their own).  Anyway, Opera is initially impressive with the new tabs opening up screenshots of favorites, which is pretty cool.  The thing I really like about Firefox is the extensions and things such as Google Sync, simply don’t work in Opera or K-Meleon.  This extension is kinda irritating in general because it’s proprietary and just works on 1.5/2.0.  With the supposed memory improvements, I’ll be excited to use it once there’s better extension support.  I know how to change the max version on the extensions, but sometimes they still don’t work (i.e. Foxmarks).  Google Toolbar doesn’t work except in IE or Firefox 2 either.  Very irritating.  At least Opera and K-Meleon are open source.

Not a lot of triumphs thus far

So, this isn’t a Vista issue, but I’ve had to back way from Firefox 3 Alpha 1 for Pandora.  Something about the Flash integration makes Firefox’s memory usage shoot through the roof.  IE 7 seems to be doing a better job.  I never have this problem on campus, only at work, so I don’t know if it’s because of the slower computer here or because of Vista or some combination thereof.

Anyway, for whatever reason, I can’t search message folders in Microsoft Outlook 2007.  2003 does the job fine in XP.  It’s really irritating.  I’m either going to have to make more folders or delete some messages, because this machine is too slow to run a virtual machine.

I’m going to be working fulltime during the summer, so unless I get another job, there should be more updates this summer and hopefully SP1 will work smoothly!

Less about Vista than 2007

As it turns out Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 don’t play nice together, at least when 2007 is installed first.  No such problems with  the rest of Office…yet.