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Africa, Cincinnati, ConIFA, Snowdrift.coop, and Sponsorship

It was the most newsworthy of times. It was the least newsworthy of times. It’s probably a bunch of other conflicting things. There’s probably a revolution going on. Anyway, let me get the pertinent facts before writing A Tale of Two Neighborhoods or something of the nature.

0. Africa

The Romans didn’t have a zero. Shoot me. This will come back later, but Tom and I have been discussing the future of Music Manumit a lot lately. Sections I and III are a big reason why. As part of this discussion, I returned to the fact that Africa remains the one continent unrepresented on Music Manumit. Sure, plenty of countries and even regions of continents (for example, all of South America except Argentina) remain unrepresented and much of that has to do with language barriers. However, plenty of people in Africa speak English, so the lack of engagement from musicians there seems strange.

If you know of any African musicians (any genre) that are releasing under a remixable license, please be in touch.

I. Cincinnati

Unless you’ve been living under some sort of Doug-blocking rock, you know I’m headed to Cincinnati for the 2015-16 academic year (and who knows, maybe longer). I’m including this here mainly so that no one has any excuse for missing the announcement on social media. I don’t have a lot to say about the move right now, other than that I’m looking for jobs in the Cincinnati area or telecommuting jobs.


I’ve written a little about this over at Sportazine. That page will be updated as details get updated, so it’s best to just link, I think.

III. Snowdrift.coop

I’m pretty sure this is ok to say… I was asked to join the steering committee for snowdrift.coop. I really want to join, as I think the project is really important to the future of free culture. However, I’m already drowning in to-do list items. Realistically, I probably need to find some sort of revenue before taking on another project. I’m hoping Ryno will be about to re-up for year two at some point. That may be all I need. If Ryno decides to do a crowdfunding campaign or something, I’ll be sure to blog about it.

IV. Sponsorship

One of the things Tom and I have been discussing is some sort of sponsorship. If you’d be interested in sponsoring an episode, please let me know. We’ll evaluate each sponsor and see if it is a good fit for Music Manumit.

Punctuated Equilibrium vs. Gradualism: New Orleans (NOLA) Edition

To understand why I gravitated towards evolutionary concepts, you have to understand I have a biology degree and that my first job after graduating was in an E.coli chemotaxis lab. I felt that worth a mention since it’s not something many people associate with me today. Regardless, you need not understand the biology concepts to understand this post.

It’s well known that stepping away from a project, even for minutes (apparently 17 is good), can give fresh perspective to a project. We think of sleeping on it. We even think of summers abroad or summers at camp. On an even longer scale, we call this wisdom. For the purposes of my metaphor, I’m going to call this gradualism.

There is, arguably, competing conventional wisdom: necessity is the mother of all invention. This is is something like punctuated equilibrium (which I guess turns my metaphor into a simile…simiphor, perhaps). I actually think punctuated equilibrium is a better model for what I am talking about than necessity, though in survival of the fittest, there is some sort of necessity built in. Maybe it’s just all those legal writing classes, but “necessity” is not exactly what I’m talking about here.

Last night a trip to New Orleans became a hot topic. Basically, some of Wendy’s plans fell through and she wanted me to fill in on the trip. It turns out that flights to New Orleans in October are expensive. I’m not sure what it is about October. Maybe they are always expensive. Hotels are also much more expensive than when I went to New Orleans almost five years ago.

The price, along with the abrupt change of plans, temporarily spring me into action. I contacted my friend Edy in New Orleans to see what was going on in town. I contact other people I knew in Mississippi and Louisiana, thinking some of them might be close. I proposed I take the train down, since that’s much cheaper than flying (it turns out that isn’t true for Delta, but was true for the other places Wendy was looking for flights).

I thought about ways to get money quickly, but reasonably. If I *needed* to go to New Orleans, I could do it (I have no credit card debt, for example). Having a goal – and a deadline – is what moved me into action, but there are other deadlines and other goals. I could try a Go Fund Me campaign. I still could, but I feel like crowdfunding my legal writing, or my work in free culture sportsmusic, and/or tech is more important.

The reality is that funding those things long-term will require sustained effort. It’s not a one-time thing like the trip to New Orleans. Thus, it’s not an open-and-shut case. Still, I feel like I need some additional motivation. Maybe the NOLA LUG would like me to speak on copyright and patent issues. Maybe I could pass out Creative Commons literature to NOLA musicians. Certainly printing to literature pass out would require some money. After New Orleans, perhaps I could make a bit of a tour. Perhaps I could arrange talks to speak to musicians about copyright. The spark becomes the fire. The short becomes the long.

The thinking about money did get me thinking about the long-term stuff too. In the past I’ve gotten good support money for conferences. I’ve been hesitant to ask previous funders because I wanted to make sure when I asked the money was needed and it was the right fit. It’s been 7 years (minus a couple of weeks) since Chapel Hill’s Software Freedom Day 2007. Despite a couple of events since then, I haven’t been in the sponsor game. I think it might be time to give it another go. At least on the Music Manumit side, I will need to speak with my co-host, but if it’s something you’d like to talk about, let me know.

Well, I guess I have work to do…

What Netizen Empowerment Federation (NEF) and its Constituent Sites Need

I guess this would fit better in some ways at www.netizenfed.org but I don’t really like our interface there and, more importantly, I’d like to keep things there more thought out and official. This is probably going to be rambly.

I. Sportazine

  1. writers and podcasters for all sports. We currently don’t have near the output to compete with the big sites. You might think we never will, but that won’t keep us from trying! If you want to write/podcast about a single team or event, that is fine.
  2. Free Culture Sports Show Guest Scheduler. Currently this is one of my duties, but doing it keeps me from writing for the site.
  3. Videographer. Sportazine started working on a documentary project two years ago. Once we finalize some details, we’ll have a ton of positions for this. We’ll need cinematographers, editors, sound engineers – everything. Our original director doesn’t have time right now to go through the funding process. I’d like to do the funding without him in the hopes that he will come back. Otherwise, I’ll direct the project (I do have a BA in the subject), though I would like to be free to do the producer stuff instead of the director stuff. 

II. Cyberunions

Stephen wants everyone to join mayfirst.org. I know it’s a reasonably large ($100/year) financial commitment, but it’s the first way to show Stephen you are serious about the labor movement. If you aren’t able to afford that, they may be willing to work with you if you are passionate about the cause. If you are passionate about the labor movement, but don’t know anything about tech, then I don’t know if Cyberunions is the right place for you. We’d be happy to have other labor sites join us though!

III. Music Manumit Punkcast

Some people like genre-specific shows. This show was a bit of a companion to the Music Manumit Music Only Show (when that existed). I’d be happy for someone to take over the show. I’ve not officially closed the Punkcast like we did the Music Only Show, but the reality is I don’t have any roadmap for it coming back.

If punk isn’t your thing, but you’d be interested in doing a genre-specific show, or a general music show, we might be able to bring something under the Music Manumit name. Let me know!

IV. Music Manumit Lawcast

Writers or podcasters. This is another project for which there are really no plans to bring back. Unlike the Punkcast though, this is one where only a small subset of people is qualified. I really want to bring this back, since I’m one of those people. Once I do bring back the Lawcast, I will have some other ways you can help contribute.

V. Music Manumit

Probably the best way to help is to post the show links on social media. We’ve tried to bring people in to Music Manumit in the past, but considering Tom’s commitments to job, family, and Lorenzo’s Music, the extra layer of coordination didn’t really work out.

That said:

  1. Notetaker. Currently, this is my job, but I would love some help. I can give you access to our show notes directory.
  2. Scheduler. Really, if you think you can help with scheduling, you should probably take my spot on Ryno’s show, but if you want to work with me/Music Manumit instead of Ryno for some reason, we can talk about how you can help.
  3. Free Music Archive curator. Now that we don’t have a music only show, our curation will be a little different than it has been in the past. I think adding our closing tracks would be good though. We pick the artists, and then the artists pick the tracks (generally), so there are a couple of layers of curation, which is perfect for the FMA.

VI. Open Source Playground

  1. Recruiter. Our SysAdmin (not me) needs to find full-time employment. If you want to post any jobs in the southern midwest or SoCal, please do so.
  2. Writers/podcasters. This is another site that I don’t see myself contributing to for some time. Like the Lawcast, I do hope to contribute more eventually.

VII. RynoTheBearded

The first of our new additions. Ryno finally licensed his podcasts under CC BY.

  1. podcasters/DJs for his 24/7 stream.
  2. scheduler. Currently this is a job I do and I’m not planning on quitting, but if we can find someone else to do it, that will free me up to do other things.

VIII. Amateur Zen

The second of our two new additions! Alex hasn’t told me what he wants, if anything. The footer on his site says to share his music, site, and shows though, so that’s a good place to start!

IX. NEF Command

As an organization, NEF needs many things.

  1. Accountant. This is a job I plan on doing at some point, but it’d be great if we found someone that actually knows something about accounting, rather than me just figuring it out as we go.
  2. Social Media person. Right now, as an organization, we have basically no social media presence. All of the people involved are too busy working on their member projects.
  3. Other topical sites. There’s obviously a lot of the world we don’t cover right now. Food, business, comics, law (other than as it related to music, sports, and tech), politics, journalism (who watches the watchers?), medicine/health/safety, travel, cars, fashion, movies, TV, board games, anime, education, science, math, and engineering all immediately come to mind. The one thing that you must do to join is release under a free culture license.
  4. Whip. Between scheduling for Ryno, Music Manumit, and Sportazine, I write a lot of messages about showing up for things. Sometimes I burn out about it. For whatever reason, there seem to be some number of people in NEF that refuse to use a calendar system, or use one and simply ignore it. We’ve had a ton of no-shows to meetings. I don’t have time for that. I could definitely use some help corralling people.
  5. Comic Book Project Manager. For a variety of reasons, we have moved our comic project back to November 2015. We could theoretically get started sooner, or you could start working with NEF now, learn how we do business, and be ready to lead a successful comic book project. We already have an artist. We have some connections in the industry as well. We need someone to manage the project – make sure deadlines are met, meetings are attended, etc.

Scheduling an Unformatted with Ryno The Bearded

Updated versions of this now maintained at http://rynothebearded.com/more/scheduling-an-unformatted-with-ryno/

I. Requirements:
If you are involved in the CC-music community in some capacity other than a musician, you are eligible for Ryno’s show called Unformatted. If you are a musician, you probably want to look at Ryno’s OO show.

II. Media:
Ryno can do mumble, phone (for US numbers), Google Hangouts, or Skype.

Hangout ID: https://plus.google.com/108428833480281367548/posts
Skype ID: RynoTheBearded

III. When:
Unformatteds can be scheduled Monday through Thursday with starting times from 6PM (18h) US Central to 10PM (22h) US Central. Weekend times are also available. It may also be possible to stop by Ryno’s after show, which runs on Fridays from 8:30PM (20:30) US Central to whenever Ryno goes to bed.

IV. Questions:
Ryno has no set question list other than to ask guests for some tracks. They need not all be your tracks, but they do all need to be Creative Commons licensed.

V. Chat

Ryno uses chat extensively during his show, for an interactive audience. You can connect at http://rynothebearded.com/chat.

VI: Length

Unformatteds can last a long time. If you have a time restriction, you should let Ryno know in advance.

VII. Music Manumit
If you are here for Music Manumit, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Doug may have made a copy & paste fail. Doug does Music Manumit scheduling, but it’s totally different.

Scheduling for Ryno’s OO Show

This is an archived version of this document. For updates, please see http://rynothebearded.com/more/scheduling-for-the-oo-show/.

I. Requirements:
You must be a musician releasing under a Creative Commons license to appear on Ryno’s OO show. If you are involved in the CC community in some capacity other than a musician, you are eligible for Ryno’s show called Unformatted.

II. Media:
Ryno can do mumble, phone (for US numbers), Google Hangouts, or Skype.

Hangout ID: https://plus.google.com/108428833480281367548/posts
Skype ID: ryan.breedlove

III. When:
The OO show begins on Fridays at 6PM (18h) US Central and continues to 8:30PM (20:30) US Central. At some points of the year, the show starts at 00:00 UTC, but not always. If this time does not work for you, you may be able to schedule an Unformatted with Ryno. It is also possible to stop by Ryno’s after show, which runs from 8:30PM (20:30) US Central to whenever Ryno goes to bed.

IV. Questions:
Ryno has no set question list other than to ask guests for some tracks. They need not all be your tracks, but they do all need to be Creative Commons licensed.

V. Chat

Ryno uses chat extensively during his show, for an interactive audience. You can connect at http://rynothebearded.com/chat.

VI. Length

Expect to spend about half an hour with Ryno.

VII. Music Manumit
If you are here for Music Manumit, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Doug may have made a copy & paste fail. Doug does Music Manumit scheduling, but it’s totally different.

Blog Therapy

You know, it’s interesting. My two primary professional functions are to record my voice and to write. And yet, here I am. Most people get away from their work when they need to refresh. For some of us, as computers become an increasing part of our lives, that is hard. Maybe I should take C.Reider’s advice, get away from it all and listen to the sounds of the world.

Really though, I’m just working out the writer’s block, because as long as I have things in my head and I want to share them, I’m not going to be able to focus on writing articles for netizenfed.org, law.musicmanumit.com, sportazine.com or opensourceplayground.org.

So, I thought I might feel better after some rest (I started writing this last night) and I do. However, it has taken a while. It’s now 16:03 US Central, where I’m at right now. Better late than never!

Things Are Not Going Well

I finally got my grades back from the third semester of law school. Unfortunately, this was the worst semester yet. This was supposed to be the semester where I was closer to campus and thus wasted less time going back and forth. I was also supposed to rise above the silly required classes of first year.

Maybe it was my grandmother dying in the middle of the semester. Last fall I got sick for like a month so that had to slow me down at least as much as leaving town for the funeral.

Maybe it was concentrating too much on Patent Law and Evidence (the only two classes I am happy about). Maybe it was being in classes with 3rd years. I don’t know.

I’m not sure what to do either. Things are already not going as well as I would like with Netizen Empowerment Federation. I have three days left to find interns before the semester starts back. I was also hoping to get all of my music shows for Music Manumit done during break. I’m only up until the end of March.

I could barely be more slack than I already am during the semester on sportazine.com and opensourceplayground.org. There are other writers for both of those sites, but they are busy and not writing as much as I would have hoped. I’ve already written about options for the summer, but now that I know how the semester went, I need answers sooner than the summer. Any thoughts?