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Top 10 places I’d like to live (because people love top 10 lists)

One of many blog posts I’ve started and then not finished until much later.

1. Chapel Hill (or, the Triangle)

Ok, this isn’t really a fair fight.  If Chapel Hill is the Southern Part of Heaven, I haven’t found the Northern Part yet…or maybe I did (keep reading).

2. Chicago

Great memories here.  US National Team plays here. Chicago Fire. Potential 2016 Olympics. NHL. They love Jordan (Tar Heel pride!) Public transit.  Sure, the airports suck, but it’d be better driving distance to my family in Kentucky and at least airline prices would be cheaper than out of Madison.

3. Boston

I hate Boston sports.  I mean, I know people love to hate The Yankees and I’m not a Yankees fan per se, but I do love seeing them beat the Red Sox.  I think it’s because somehow Boston sports mean more than in Chicago, LA or NYC.  I hate the Celtics.  I hate The Patriots.  I hate the Bruins.  I don’t really hate the Revolution, but hating a MLS team is like hating a teddy bear (look, I love the MLS, I can say that).  What’s funny though is I loved the time I was in Boston, I love that the FSF is there.  I’d love being on the East Coast again.  I love Boston’s history.  I love that it’s the Athens of America. Great punk/hardcore scene. Public transit.

4. Charlotte

This one probably doesn’t need a lot said. It’s all about the family for this one.  Plus, there’s a new train system and trains from Durham now. I hate NASCAR but whatever, that’s going to be on ESPN anywhere.  At least in Charlotte I can love NASCAR just a little for supporting the local economy.

5. DC

DC was our Chicago in Chapel Hill, though it was a little further.  If big bands came through, you might head up to DC if you were passionate.  Close enough to drive to NYC or Chapel Hill.  I flew out of DC to Copenhagen. I could get used to that.

6. Milwaukee

a year ago, there’s no way this would have been on the list. With Bucketworks, proximity to my new friends, Brewers and Bucks and the train to Chicago it’s definitely on the list.

7. NYC

NYC might be too big.  Might.  At least there’s a good punk scene.  US National Team plays games here.  Plenty of hockey. I thought hard about this one before moving to Wisconsin. Can’t say I didn’t make the best decision coming here but I can’t say it was the right move either.  Only way I’ll ever find out is to give it a shot.

8. Lexington, KY

While Louisville would be closer to family and I’ve spent more time there, I love college towns.  Sure, Louisville has a college…maybe more than one.  It’s not a college town. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I’m a Wildcat fan.  Sure Chapel Hill is at the top of this list but my blood still runs a darker shade of blue. GO BIG BLUE!

9. London, UK

Ok, it’s true, I’ve never been to London.  However, I do know you can take the train from London to Paris and from Paris to the rest of Europe.  I absolutely loved my time in Europe.  Sure, it was great company and no work and maybe I could have gotten that in the US or somewhere else, but I really think I’m a developed-nation kind of guy and I’d really like to be where I speak the language.  Plus, it’s one of the furtherest west points in Europe such that I could get on planes back to the US.  They love football there too.  I’m talking Wayne Rooney not Michael Vick.  I’m not a big baseball fan, but I’ll certainly take that over cricket.  Don’t think I’d miss it though.  Might have to hope over to Sweden for my hockey fix in the winter.  And, actually, since I starting writing this article 3 weeks ago London might be further up the list.  I don’t feel like re-arranging though.  It’s publish or perish time for this entry!

10. Malmö, Sweden

Maybe Malmö is the Northern Part of Heaven.  Why not Stockholm you might ask?  Stockholm is huge.  Yes, I know Chicago is way up on the list and NYC makes an appearance, but I really think I’d like some place smaller.  You heard my arguments for those two cities, so I’m not going to rehash that here.  Malmö had a fun, beach atmosphere without being trashy like Myrtle Beach.  Malmö is where you get on the train to go to continental Europe, whereas with Stockholm I’d either need to fly or go through Malmö.  Plus, maybe I’d get to hang out with Ibrahimović and I’d certainly get to cheer for Malmö FF in their brand new stadium.  Another plus to living in Sweden? You get the ö key for free so it’s not a pain in the arse writing blog posts! (hey, look at that, I’m already practicing for London!)