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day of hard work, still much to do

1. fix wacom on Acer tablet.

2. read about hard drive encryption and enterprise TrueCrypt deployment

3. 54 tickets at work (nevermind the specifics – don’t forget that not everything comes in as a ticket)

4. Christmas shopping

5. email Google about working with OEM

6. 13 items in Google Reader (after some healthy “Mark all as read”)

7. set up MythTV system and figure out TV more generally (Slingbox?)

8. invite UW-MKE prof to OEM

9. write a blog post about my future (law school, PhD, etc?)

10. set up Drupal in IIS

11. set up next broken arm appointment

12. figure out when my new DJ shift at http://www.citywidelpfm.org starts.

13. Get stickers for car

14.Talk to parents about moving money

15. Clean spots on Fedora shirt

16. Email Max about event details

17. fingernails (which, I can’t really do with the broken arm)

18. send out e-mails to BarCamp, MadLUG and others about OEM

19. desktop monitor fix (now just compiz!)

20. send machines at work off to HP

21. check Micros servers for updates

22. MotionComputing Outlook issue

23. figure out best webcam for Linux

24. write post about broken arm since people keep asking

I got rid of some and added others but at the same total number I was yesterday.  Other than the Open Everything Madison meeting at 2pm in the Web608 IRC channel, there isn’t anything on the calendar for tomorrow and I should knock a few things off the to-do list.  Now, I think it’s time for bed.

Google Reader…more to come later

I currently sit on 333 items to read in Google Reader.  Those of you that follow me on Twitter (douglasawh) know I’ve been struggling with how to not get overwhelmed in reading.  Specifically, I want to keep it below 1000 so that I can actually see how much I have to read.  Slashdot, in particular fills up the queue rather quickly.  Ok, so I just changed this (thinking while I write, which I often do).  Now I’ll just get the Linux articles on slashdot.  I do the same thing with Digg.  Now, the problem is, what about when there are interesting articles in other areas?  Well, I guess I’ll just have to trust FS Daily, the Open Solaris feed, Google at the top of Gmail and Twitter to keep me informed.  I think I’ll be ok.  The problem really is that I do Windows at work and I really am ready to be done with Windows.  I’m fighting what I want to learn for myself and what I feel I should be learning for work.  I’m certain that some learning is better than no learning though.

Ok, I was going to write about Drupal Camp Chicago and Open Everything Madison, but it’s time to bounce…