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bash script for getting user profiles ready to go

This script is to be run as root…but the 2nd line (1st functional line) doesn’t work because root has nothing in .gconf


cp -R ~/.gconf /etc/skel/

echo “<?xml version=\”1.0\”?>
<entry name=\”frequency_get_upgrades\” mtime=\”1251122031\” type=\”int\” value=\”0\”/>
<entry name=\”auto_update\” mtime=\”1251122029\” type=\”string\”>
<entry name=\”frequency_get_updates\” mtime=\”1251222859\” type=\”int\” value=\”86400\”/>
</gconf>” >> /etc/skel/.gconf/apps/gnome-packagekit/update-icon/%gconf.xml

echo “Enter Username (person getting computer)”
read userftw

useradd $userftw
echo password | passwd –stdin $userftw

useradd douglasawh

echo “$userftw ALL=(ALL) ALL” >> /etc/sudoers
echo ‘douglasawh ALL=(ALL) ALL’ >> /etc/sudoers

yum -y remove evolution transmission gnome-disk-utility

yum -y install tsclient gconf-editor

sh vpnsetup.sh

echo “\nIf you have the time, run yum -y upgrade. kthxbai”

This is slightly different than the one I’m using just because it’s probably not the safest thing in the world to have all the usernames out of there.

We may add more to the script later, but right now we don’t have a lot we want to do. All these users need to be able to do is remote desktop, but we also want to make sure they are getting security updates and some other minor things that should be apparent in the script.

All of this would be easier if we were still using UCK or reconstructor in ubuntu, but due to Spacewalk, we are moving to Fedora.

is a short blog on a blog a blog or a microblog?

This was going to be longer, but I’m exhausted…

I’ve been using Fedora 11 for about a month…ever since we determined we’d like to scale with our Linux program and Ubuntu doesn’t seem to give us that opportunity.  I am looking at OCS Inventory NG and GLPI (initialism is French) to stick with Ubuntu, but the set-up for OCS has been a pain so far.  I need to give it MySQL permissions, which will be a job once I’m home and remoted in or left for tomorrow.
Basically, we are looking for a Landscape replacement, so if you’ve got ideas, let me know.  eBox was previously suggested and that’s not going to work because it doesn’t do package management.

As always, thanks for reading, and thanks for helping out!

Karmic Koala, Python, Ubuntu Spacewalk, etc.

Ok, it’s just get this out of the way early. There is no spacewalk for Ubuntu.  Well, there’s Landscape, but if you haven’t already discovered Landscape and know it’s proprietary, you probably weren’t looking very hard.  There is work for Debian support for spacewalk, but a student is undertaking that work and it looks like he probably has a year left.  So, it’s coming, probably, but not that soon.

I’m using Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 pre-alpha.  So far no problems except one time trying to update I got a dependency error.

I kinda like Supertux.  I don’t feel like I have a lot of time for gaming, but since gaming is a known lag point for Linux, I feel like I should take some time to learn some games so when people say there isn’t stuff I’ll have something intelligent to say.  Any suggestions?  I *love* Worms, but Wormux is far inferior.

I got a Python: Create – Modify – Resuse by Jim Knowlton on Wrox.  I haven’t had a chance to do much with it, but I’m excited about it.

So, the main reason I’m writing isn’t in the subject (bad form, I know).  At work we are looking for a solution for our travel laptops.  We are looking for rugged/semi-rugged/professional grade netbooks.  The concern many have (I’m not one of these people) is that the netbooks will get beat up.  There doesn’t seem to be good literature online about these machines.  Do semi-rugged netbooks exist?  We’re looking to stay around $300 but certainly not more than $450.  Any help is appreciated!

change working title?

So, I am done with Vista for at least a month in between jobs.  I hadn’t been using Vista my last few days at work in favor of Ubuntu anyway.  I am planning on installing Fedora 9 on a virtual machine on my laptop. Here’s a run down of what I was running:

Office desktop: primarily ubuntu, SUSE in a virtual box and Vista dual boot

Office laptop: primarily XP, ubuntu dual boot

both of those boxes are gone.

Home desktop: ubuntu only

Home laptop: ubuntu only

test box: I haven’t used this in a while as I’ve been busy, but I think this is also ubuntu only.

Now, my brother just installed Vista to test and he had been an XP guy while testing ubuntu too, so next week after he moves home I might be seeing it more.  At home my dad has an OS X work laptop and they have a very slow XP Dell.  I think they might have a DOS box in the bedroom, but maybe Windows 3.1.  They had both for a while and I’m not sure if they still have either.  Oh, my brother has a desktop too, and I think it is ubuntu only also, but it gets little use.  Should I go to Wisconsin (likely), I’ll have to get MS certified.  I’ll probably soon be looking to get Red Hat certified too for job reasons (why I’m installing Fedora in virtual box).  The next few months of life should be exciting one way or another.

This brings me back to the main point.  While this blog has never been exclusively about Vista and more about my job related issues in general, since I am no longer a Vista user, it seems strange for the blog to be titled that.  Thoughts?