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Sweden dates finalized (sorta)

To Copenhagen and back are finalized.  However, Sweden plays Serbia in U21 European Championshop in Malmo on the 23rd, so I’m not sure if we want to spend that night in Stockholm. Full schedule of UEFA U21 Championships at http://www.uefa.com/multimediafiles/download/competitions/under21/78/18/09/781809_download.pdf

June 20 night in Copenhagen
June 21 night in Malmo
June 22 night in Gothenburg
June 23 night in Stockholm
June 24 night in Stockholm
June 25 night in Stockholm
June 26 night in Stockholm
June 27 night in Helsinki
June 28 back in Madison

I haven’t checked out ticket prices/availability yet, so that may change whether I want to/can do this.