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Bucket List

Having been to Europe and thinking about what I want to do with my life, I decided to put it in writing.

<h2>The original list</h2>

  • Go to all 50 states (I only have Vermont and Louisiana left)
  • Go to all 7 continents (Europe and North America are off the list)
  • Go to an MLS (Major League Soccer) game
  • Go to a US MNT (Men’s National Team) game
  • Go above the arctic circle
  • Contribute code to an Open Source project (I’m not a programmer, but I’d like to help out, of course)
  • eat bear (although, I am a vegetarian…so I better do this while my stomach can still digest meat…)
  • go to Siberia (I guess this would count as Asia)

I felt like that was going to be too easy, so I might as well add some more now.

<h2>Additional Items</h2>

  • Go to a World Cup
  • Go to The Olympics
  • Write and Record a song
  • See the Swedish MNT play (I’ve only seen the U-21 team)
  • See a professional Swedish fotboll side play

I have some additional goals, like learning Swedish, but that’s not really a one-time thing like I feel like the rest of these are.  I’d also like six-pack abs, but if I get them it’s not over, I want to keep them.  It’ll likely be years before I get all of that, so don’t expect an update any time soon.  Although, I might be heading to an MLS game in Chicago this season!