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Libre.fm, netbooks and various android things

1) I’ve got Firefox on Linux and Windows, so I can get Libre.fm if I want it, though streaming integration for Songbird and rhythmbox would be ideal.  I don’t want to just gobble, I want to stream.  On either May 30th or 31st (stay tuned) a group of us in Madison will be getting together to work on some of Libre.fm problems (or, more likely, learn about libre.fm through our own implementation).  The group that is working on this is working as the technology group for Open Everything Madison.  The OE Madison group decided to have bi-monthly meetings and I am leading the May/June event we’ve decided to do something with the Libre.fm technologies.

2) It looks like at work we are not going to be going the route of the netbook.  For the price we wanted, the machines just weren’t good enough.  We might still test some out, but getting new hard drives for the newer machines seems like a more cost effective way to do things.  Sadly the machines we are looking at are not SATA, so buying SSDs also seems like a bad idea.  It’ll be a great day when SATA machines start going in the travel pool.

3) I’m having problems finding good information on webkit for Android.  I want the audio tag for Libre.fm!  The thought of getting ZOMG on Android so I could stream sound good, but ZOMG requires a lot of other things.  I tried to wget ZOMG but Android told me permission denied and then I tried to su and it says “su: uid 10039 not allowed to su”.  I have a developer phone, so I’m not sure what the deal is.  I’m using the Terminal Emulator app, but I guess it just isn’t able to be root.  I need to figure that out!  What would make my life easier is if I could get the Debian Sid repos on the Android.  If I had another Android I’d just install Debian on it and see what I could make happen.  Sadly, it’s not a cheap toy.

4) the other thing that has been on my mind is trying to get Game 3 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals while I’m on the train on Saturday night.  I’ve got an FM radio, but I’m not sure what radio stations will carry the game.  I’ve thought about getting some sort of 3G card for my laptop, but I’m scared as to how well they will work on Linux and I don’t want to pay that much for the game.  I mean, if I was here and the game was on pay-per-view, I wouldn’t probably buy it, so what sense does it make to pay for it to watch in while on a train where even 3G could be spotty?  It’s not like I’m going to be in the high population density East Coast.  I’ll be in NE Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota.  To be fair, I’ve never been to North Dakota, and that’s why I’m going, but I don’t expect cell reception or FM radio to be fantastic.  I guess that’s all part of the adventure!

Karmic Koala, PhotoCampMKE and new space in Madison

Some quick news and notes.

1) ZOMG is simple and buggy, but effective.  If you want it to work with both http://libre.fm and http://last.fm, you’ve got to use the version at http://packages.debian.org/sid/i386/zomg/download.  Woe be to you if you don’t have a Debian based system.  Thankfully my two main home systems run Ubuntu (at work I have Ubuntu, Fedora and Vista [likely to move to Win7 Beta soon]).

2) PhotoCampMKE was great.  I was distracted by upgrading my Android phone, but you can check some of my stuff on flickr (I’m dawhitfield there).

3) A few people are working on getting some co-working space set up in Madison.  Let me know if you’re interested!

4) I’m going to upgrade a second partition to Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 right after this post.  Good times.
Ugh, release early, release often.  Seriously, if you want to know what’s up, you should follow me on http://identi.ca.