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Firefox in BSD, CBS goes with Silverlight 2.0

Firefox in BSD has some serious Javascript issues. I know others have these issues on other platforms, but I use Firefox at work in Vista and at home in Linux all the time, with zero problems.  The only problem with doing testing with these Acer Travelmates is that they are utter garbage. The mouse is erratic no matter what the OS (I’ve tried XP, Linux Mint, Debian and PC BSD).  The VGA out works as often as it doesn’t (actually, that may be giving them too much credit…I’m not sure I’ve ever seen VGA out work on one of these).

Now, I’d think about installing BSD in VirtualBox, but my main machine is running Jaunty and VirtualBox isn’t wanting to work (hey, it’s still in alpha…or is it beta now?  Whatever, it’s not done).

So, the who NCAA.com stuff with CBS is a clusterf*ck.  To *maybe* get it to work in Linux you must first install Subversion.  Then, you must get the latest version of Mono (the version in the repos will not work).  Then, you have to install a pre-alpha version of Moonlight.  Now, this could be fixed a couple ways.

1) Use something cross platform.  Flash is the obvious choice, but an ogg-vorbis stream would be a much better solution.

2) Microsoft could release a Silverlight version for Linux.

So, this Moonlight thing is a work in progress.  I’ll update here when I come to some sort of conclusion.  If you want up-to-date info, you can follow me at identi.ca.