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Music Manumit, World Cup, missed a month and other news

Tom Ray, of Lorenzo’s Music, and I got the Music Manumit podcast going this weekend.  We had technical difficulties on the pilot episode, but Episode 0 will go up soon.  You can get my raw recording for the pilot epidsode.  It’s released under CC-BY-SA.  Also, you can get the unedited of the “second” show.  Note that the first is in flac (lossless) and the second is in ogg (due to problems the first time).  I also recorded on UStream.  I need to change the name of the USteam feed, but not going to worry about that now.  We’ve also got an IRC channel on Freenode called #musicmanumit.  If you’re not familiar with IRC there is a web client where you can name yourself whatever.  No need to register.  We are going to release a “New” show and a “Music-only” show.  Both should be in mp3 as well as ogg.  Though Tom and I both dislike mp3, we’re hoping to reach an audience that does not know about software freedom and free culture and help the understand the benefits and release there is a lot of enjoyable music out there in every genre.

June 10th I leave for the World Cup.  I will be blogging for Sportazine while there.  I ended up speaking a bit about my planning struggles on Music Manumit, even though it really had nothing to do with music.  We did discuss the opening ceremonies at the World Cup a it though.

Missed a blog post in May, but I’ve been hitting the dating scene hard and though I don’t know yet how things will turn out, I definitely have a keeper at the moment.  I also just moved, which is a painful process, but I really like my new place other than the loft bedroom being rather warm.  I don’t have Internet right now because TDS doesn’t do data-only to where I live and I had avoided Charter at first since their website does not support Linux.

Open Source Playground is Alive! (and other news and notes)

Ha! I started this draft on March 28th and never typed a word.  No reason to speculate why, but here I am, nearly a month later fixing that. 🙂

We’ve got a StatusNet install, an OpenAtrium install, a Drupal install, a trac install and a news install up at what we are calling OSP for short.

We’ve contemplated updating the plan I have with DreamHost, but until AdBard revenue is higher, I can’t justify it considering I’m still looking for a roommate for my move and we’ll be paying $1100 a month for a couple months if I don’t find someone.  Ad revenue the first month was $0.20, but considering we got that going at the end of the month and it was only on one of our sites, I was ok with that.

Tom Ray of Lorenzo’s Music and I are starting a podcast called “Music Manumit”.  I’m dubbing Sunday’s episode “Episode -1” because it’s a test.  I’m going to see if Tom will let us release it though.

I’m finishing up my web dev class with P2PU this Sunday.  I haven’t done as much work on the class as I’d like, but on the upside that’s because I’ve started dating again.  It had been almost a year since I went on a date.  There were a lot of reasons for this, chief among them being the statistics course I took last semester.

So, I missed a potentially great talk on Linux because of user issues today.  It also reminded me that I need to fix the sound issue in my VM. I really hate VMs, but I have to use one until Evolution works with Exchange 2007.