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People’s Networking Convention in Madison

I’ll be out of town in Chicago this weekend, but if anybody can help, let me or the people listed below know.  Thanks!

———- Forwarded message ———-

Friends, Family, and Neighbors,

I am writing to you on behalf of the People’s Networking Convention
(“PNC,” see below) in regards to participant housing.  We are seeking
boarding for the weekend of August 15-17 for those attending the
convention from out of town, and it has come to my attention that you
may have access to potential housing options or ideas of where we can
turn.  I understand that this weekend is complicated due to Madison’s
typical lease term agreements, but we are hoping that as we reach out
to make positive social change, members of our community will step up
to facilitate our action, as well.
Thanks so much!

Here is a list of questions that will help us match participants with
appropriate housing and will help us gain an overview of what will be

How many people would you be willing to house?
What do you have? floor space, couch, bed, porch, ???
We are also looking for yards in which people can camp— do you have
outdoor space available for tents or sleeping bags?
Is smoking okay? Outside?
Can children stay there?
Allergy concerns?  (Do you have pets? Crazy dust? etc…)
Any other important things we should be aware of?
PNC mission statement:

The People’s Networking Convention will provide a space for discussion
and celebration of non-elections based organizing. The PNC Organizing
Committee is comprised of active people in Madison’s bicycle
community, students, as well as retired people and people of color. We
wish to respond to the corporate-sponsored theater of the Democratic
and Republican National Conventions and elections by providing the
“people power” necessary for our own workshops and skill shares. We
pledge allegiance to no parties and wish to work towards unity in our
struggles and successes.

We seek to create an atmosphere of support and collaboration in our
efforts against the government’s domination and the injustices that
come with an exploitative economy. We are presenting an opportunity
for face-to-face dialogue and discussion related to grassroots
democracy in our communities.

Building our alliances through participatory workshops and hands-on
social experiences will provide us with a sense of what’s possible
when confronting large, overwhelming systems of power. Real democracy
is what happens daily in our community organizing and solidarity

Thank you so much!   Even if you do not have space available, you can
still be a great help by forwarding this email out to your friends or
by pointing us in a useful direction to finding more room!  Please
e-mail infopnc@gmail.com with “housing” somewhere in the subject line
with more information.

PNC Organizers