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A rant from a friend about Office 2007

I just got this from a friend and I had to share (my apologies for the language):


So I’m sitting here and I’m at the computer.  Then I’m thinking about MS Word, you know the Word Processor software, which includes powerpoint and spreadsheet capabilities?  Well I tried using this program the other day called MS Word 2007.  Apparently this is like being on another planet using a dictation machine composed entirely out of Skrull technology.  And the whole time, I’m just getting madder and madder.  Why… doesn’t this program do ANYTHING?!?!?!  Once I figured out how to undo (and redo, although I got those confused a couple of times) and then how to save and print, I decided it might not be so bad.  I was WRONG.  There is a whole menu of options I have never even heard of (and still not sure how to describe them).  There are no menus, only buttons.  And what’s worst.  I mean, what’s WORST.  I thought I was down with being halfway decent at Excel.  This is something I’ll have to be able to do on my job on a daily basis.  I SPENT HALF AN HOUR TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE A GODDAMN CHART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I still haven’t figured out how to change the x and y axis titles!  :((((((((((((((

I have got to do something, invest in a tutorial or some books or something (I dont even own the software, I cant afford it!) because I can’t show up at a job and not know how to use print preview or create an inference.

Please, please tell me that MS Word is going to come out with a version in 2008

Name Changed To Protect Innocent

PS:  I know the software title says “2007” but I just used it for the first time last week.  Is that bad?”