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nVidia, Open Everything Madison and what’s up next

Now, remember, I’m typing one-handed with my broken arm.

I fixed the other day my desktop uninstalling nvidia-kernel-common

Here’s my to-do list (in no particular order):

1. fix wacom on Acer tablet.

2. read about hard drive encryption and enterprise TrueCrypt deployment

3. 51 tickets at work (nevermind the specifics)

4. Christmas shopping

5. email Google about working with OEM

6. 86 items (and growing in Google Reader)

7. set up MythTV system and figure out TV more generally (Slingbox?)

8. invite UW-MKE prof to OEM

9. write a blog post about my future (law school, PhD, etc?)

10. vacuum apt (place is a mess with broken arm)

11. put up clean dishes

12. figure out when my new DJ shift at http://www.citywidelpfm.org starts.

13. Get stickers for car

14.Talk to parents about moving money

15. e-mail Annie about Google video chat

16. e-mail Abe/Jenny about Google video

17. Clean spots on Fedora shirt

18. Email Max about event details

19. fingernails (which, I can’t really do with the broken arm)

now, 15 and 16 might not need to happen since GoogleVideoChat is not available on Linux yet.

So, I wanted to say more about OEM, but doesn’t look like I’ll have time tonight.