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Quick note on why I changed the title

I think my old title gave the impression that I was interested in having the open world talk to the closed world, in a Samba/Mono sort of way. It really had more to do with talking to people at their level.  There are some people that are technologists that aware of FLOSS and even like the idea but for whatever reason choose not to use it.  There are also people who have never thought about their digital freedom.  We, as a community, cannot send the same message to both people.  The message to one is to give a little more effort and if you don’t like it, fix it.  The message to the other is that it’s not hard and there is a community to help.

Note: before people say that FLOSS is hard, yes, there are some things that are hard, just as there are plenty of things that are hard on Macs and Windows (or Adobe or whatevs, to stop the operating system tunnel vision).  There is no one-size-fits-all package. Everyone comes to things with a different background.

So, what do people think about the change?

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